Case Study: How to Get 1,25,000 Unique Pageviews in Just 45 Days


Today you’re going to learn something very special.

If I’m not wrong everybody loves reading case studies. I really love that too… And Today I’m going to talk about How you will get Instant Traffic just after Launching your blog.

Case Studies is not about theory, it’s all about experiments and observations that a person did before!

The person often including different proofs of his own experiments and experiences.

I have seen in my career people really loves reading case studies and they feel that case studies that only way to read where people are showing the proofs as we are looking for.

Before showing my case study with you: I wanna tell you about me that Who I’m?

Yes….. Guys…….. Who is Avenue Sangma?

Look I’m very simple, honest and dedicated Internet Entrepreneur! I’ve been involved in Internet Marketing More than 5 years with great performance around the world, If you want to know more about me just Click Here…. and if there is one thing that’s remained me true, it’s that the best way to learn something very important through reading case studies. No Matter what you are looking for…….. No Matter what you are thinking right Now! No Matter what you are feeling today! Get ready to learn something very interesting about getting Instant Traffic for your Startup Blog/Website.

Now True Story sharing with you guys about My Blog “

Case Study: How to Get 1,25,000 Unique Pageviews

Traffic Case Study

Can you please tell me how many case study you read before?

What kind of Case Study you most experienced in?

No problem I will tell you………. Step by Step

Live Instant Traffic Flow

Increasing Traffic Everyday …………!!!! Crazy Traffic…….. but truly I’m just loving it……… More Traffic…… More Trust……. More Blessed and More Contribution………. Don’t go anywhere just see the 3:02 minutes video!!!

When I open My Blog for all on 11 December 2015 with a Post How to Start a Blog, after publishing that post. I did few social shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon…….. On 17 December 2015, I was surprised that, I started getting traffic to my blog from India, Bangladesh, and Srilanka….. It was really Amazing for me.

Simple Data Showing to You…………….

About my Blog from Dec 17, 2015, to Dec 31, 2015, How many traffic I received from social media…….

1, 235 Sessions

992 Users

2,736 Pageviews

2.2 Pages/Sessions

Average Session Duration 00:15:47 what was really Amazing for me and for my blog too.

It was not good at all when I talk about Bounce Rate……. it’s about 74.41% which is not good for any blog/website.

Case Study Instant Traffic 1

If you are hunger for getting Instant Traffic You need to focus on more specific in deeper ideas that you should really follow. Same thing I did to increase instant traffic for my blog.

As I’m an Internet Marketer, I realized that I need to focus on creating good content for my blog and Need to give them something Extra Hour for special One….. so that, they get engage to my blog.

I started Searching what kind of post are very much popular as per user experience report…………..

I found…….

Why Killer Tips/ Killer Ideas you Should Focus?

I want to tell you why people are using most of the title with “killer tips” Really you also agree with me using effective title or headlines can drive traffic more than 200% as I experienced before writing this case study. Writing a Blog Post is really a hard work and selecting post title or headline is more hard work than writing an article.

KillerTips Content for Case Studies


KillerTips Keyword Research for Case Studies 2

Two Important Goal we should follow before writing anything on the Internet:

  1. Try to Catch your readers eye and encourage them to read your article.
  2. Help Search Engines Perfectly To find your article in the Search Results.

Your blog post title or headlines have to attract your readers. It should encourage the reader to click. It must encourage them to go their eyes past the title to the text. Then it’s up to your storytelling and writing capabilities to guide the reader from first to last the rest of your story.

Here is the few post that shows every big player in online market also using “Killer Tips” with their Post Title or Headline” 100 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content
Social Media Today- 10 Killer Design Tips for More Social Media Shares
Social Media Examiner- Six Tips for a Killer Hashtag Marketing Campaign 4 Killer Tips for Successful Digital Marketing in 2016 9 Killer Tips for Building and Selling Your Business 5 Tips on Creating a Killer Facebook Ad Campaign
Search Engine Land- Create A Killer PPC Strategy With This 3-Step Process


Related Article: 101 Formula: Good Blog Titles Ideas can Drive more Traffic

Above articles are published in different popular Online Brands like Forbs,, Social Media Examiner,, and Search Engine Land. The only reason they are using Title or Headline with “Killer Tips” is attracting visitors eye to click the article for reading and “Killer” word is encouraging visitors to read the article.

After Using Post Title with “Killer Tips”, “Top 10″ The Complete” Secretes” in my blog I was surprised visitors flow increase within a second….. Have a look how many traffic I drive totally Free of cost from different Social media.

Sessions- 6,141

Users- 5,190

Pageviews- 8,934

Pages/Sessions- 1.45

Can You please tell me How many traffic you send in your blog within the first month?

How Many…………………… Traffic?

This was the free surprising News for me getting 5,000 Traffic in a Month @Free of COST.

Don’t go anywhere I will show you what Social Media Strategy I follow till now for Free and Paid Traffic in my Today’s Traffic Case Study.

Till then Stay Close…………. 🙂

Case Study Instant Traffic 2

Graph and Report Show the Traffic Improvement…… But How……………?

I already told you about it, guys!!!! The magic of Traffic I received more than 5k within a month just after launching my Blog.

Somebody will tell me this Word!

Are You Crazy……………? How possible?

Yes, it is possible and more than possible…

You need to find every possibility for your blog…… what you are not doing exactly. Right? or Not?

Have you ever been tried to find more possibilities how to drive traffic to your website?

If not Guys!!! Please see How I drive traffic for a New Website/Startup or Blog. Here I’m going to tell you how does it really work for a new website.

Understand Your Audience First

Understanding your audience is more important to understand about your blog. What I really did for my blog……

I did a great deep research about my blog how the audience is coming and playing their role inside my blog. I used Alexa toolkit to understand my blog users………… here you can see in the picture!

First Enter Your Site and Click on Find ……. and Understand Your Audience.

alexa web analytics toolkit


When you Scroll down then You can see details how people are getting engage with

how people are engage with blogging egg

But I prefer to use Google Analytics Tools which tells me about to understand all about my users online activity.

Follow me and Follow my Method

  • Do a Complete Traffic Plan for Next 60-90 Day’s.
  • Create KICKASS Blog Headlines.
  • Use Keyword for Your Content.
  • Use Subtitles for Your Blog Post.
  • Never use more than 4 Hyperlinks, extremely needed you can use 6.
  • Do Keyword Research before your Blog Post.
  • Create Your Website fully Responsive.
  • Follow your Audience What they are looking for?

Focus on Creative and Quality Content

“Quality content” is far supplementary than just an exhortation marketers pitch around for fun.

You have to focus on creative content and quality content is more important for getting online traffic for your website or blog. If you can’t able to produce high-quality content or article, your visiting will not come to your blog or website only seeing your beautiful face of your blog. They will obviously come to your blog to learn something, to discover something to share something.


What kind of content can you do focus on Your Blog?

It depends on…….

How to ” contents are more powerful nowadays and you can try to post “how to” article in your blog.

News Articles you can Publish.

Resources Link or Useful Link posts for your Visitors [Must relevant of your Blog]

Problem and Solutions Posts.

Different Kind of Comparison Posts.

Success Stories and Inspirational or Motivational Posts.

Research Post you can do Publish.

Software, tools, scripts, plugins, themes, services Reviews.

Publishing Interviews and much more you can do for getting Instant traffic for your blog or website.

Now I want to tell you what kind of post I made and Recevied Good number of visitor to my, Here you go……..

Q— with “TOP” related post : Top 15 Blogs that accept Guest Posts for Blog Marketing-This Post help me to get More than 1,000+ Visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Stumbleupon

Top 15 blogs post review for Case Study

Q- with “Rules” Related Post- 10 Rules You Should Follow Before Choosing the Perfect Domain NameThis Post help me to get More than 7,000+ Visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Stumbleupon

10 rules blog post review

Proper Image Optimization Can Grow Traffic

Loading Image quickly is more important than everything that you need to focus aobut it for your personal and niche blog. If you can’t focus on it you will definitely loose your traffic forever. So Image Optimization is more important than everything that you never ask anyone before this article.

Image Optimization Can Grow Traffic

Improve Your Site Loading Time

You need to focus on Improving your site speed as Do it for increasing my site speed. Site speed is one of the most commercial SEO factor if you talk about getting organic visitor. Serious Matter about my personal Experience When I’m getting too slow page loading site, I never love to visit further for anything, I really don’t care who you are? I don’t care what site you made.

Latest Performance Report for Blogging Egg

I’m still trying to increase my page speed for better user experience that How I can increase more than today! You can also do it for your website as you are not doing before.

You can follow few things for getting your page speed up!

#Enabling Proper Caching

#Eliminating Inefficiencies

#Cleaning Up the HTML/CSS Codes


If you unable to understand above those three please talk your Developer……. He may help you to understand about it.

Updated Article Headline or Edit Needed

If in-case you need to update your previous article headline or edit you can do in, even you can do for updating your article to do more powerful for better user experience, Becasue sometimes you need to update new things with your previous posted article in your blog. So you can easily do it with proper updated information that your visitors will do you more trust.

Traffic Flow and Pageviews

See All article Details I posted in my blog and How traffic flow and Pageviews Increase just a matter of All articles Details I posted in my blog and How traffic flow and Pageviews Increase just a matter of time.

How to Start a Blog Case study

Above screenshot is showing “” post got 3,472 Pageviews and 3,053 Unique Pageviews, 2012 words Article Average Time on Page is about 13:00 minutes which is really Amazing!

What do you think about? that’s really cool……………. or not?

How to increase blog traffic Case study

You can see the second screenshot is showing about How to increase Blog Traffic Post got 3,165 Pageviews and 3,016 Unique Pageviews, and 2:25 Minutes time on page is also cool.

1,25,000 Unique Pageviews Within 45 Day’s

People are showing fake case studies and doing conversation bla bla bla…………….

I’m Avenue Sangma will show you how I got 1, 25,000 unique pageviews and got 1,32,000+ Pageviews within 45 day’s. You probably won’t believe it, but that is the short one. Real One showing you with google analytics report. And the report will tell you everything.

See the Sreenshopt of My Blog that I achieved….

Pageviews- 132,008, Unique Pageviews- 125,114, Average time on Page- 00:01:39 minutes with Crazy Bouns Rate: 29.44% which is really great for my blog as New One.

Online Traffic Case Study

I don’t you guys will, believe it or not, that graph and result showing in front of you now!

What do you think about?

Reading a fake case study why not to reading a Real Case study that I’m showing to you right Now! How much hard work and time I spend to get such a big result I really don’t know properly about it. But I know that I really love doing hard work for anything that I want to achieve in my life and for building my blogging career.

Made 50,000 Unique Visitors


Blogging Egg 45 days report Graph

500+ Email Subscribers I collected

Are you enjoying my Case Study? or Not?

Boring Right? If yes, I don’t know anything …..what  you want you can do 🙂 but if you do miss all important one, that will be not my fault.

I know you will stay tune and keep reading the Case Study.

People are saying me I’m not getting email subscribers from my blog, Can you please suggest me brother, How I will get more subscribers everyday.

I think this is one kind of LOL questions you guys are asking me…..

See the subscriber list in below screenshot: I collected till now!


Leads I colleted

I personally believe that, getting email subscribers is not a difficult job as you think, It’s most easier job I found in my 45 day’s blogging experience. You can follow my personal method to get more subscribers in your blog is…….

You can use Pop Up Subscribers Bar in you blog.

Use Head Bar for email subscriptions.

Use Sidebar for better Look and Performance of conversion.

Learn How I drive Traffic to My Website

I have seen social media playing a big role in sending traffic, I love using social media for sending Instant traffic to any new website or blog. That’s the field playing role I love doing it again and again. I’m a social Media Marketer and that’s why I love doing this very much as did before!

See how facebook Loves me for getting such a terrific post engagements after $30 Facebook like Campaign.

Post facebook share and Organic Increase

What I did for it, I shared the post in 2 big Facebook group community: Group Members about more than 300k in a single group. After 7 Day’s I have seen 5, 000 post likes and more than 1,500+ Link clicks!!!!

Never Mind for few reasons I’m not providing those Group Links to you! 🙁 I am extremely sorry for that!

It was Just BOOM BOOM for me!

Quora-Best Answer for any Questions

How many of you are using Quora?

If not yet, you can start using right now! Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. If you want to know more about Quora you can visit their website

See the Picture How Quora Help me to Get visitors and Same time also help me to do Branding Myself.

Quora Business1

See the below picture how StumbleUpon and Facebook help me to get 4,000+ Sessions and 6,000+ Pageviews.

Social Network Case Study

Facebook PPC Ads Campaign

I made few facebook PPC campaign for getting Instant here find the PPC campaign results I wanna show you!

Facebook PPC Campaign

If you want to spend money for Instant traffic you also use Facebook Marketing for better performance. You can see my Facebook Marketing Complete Guide.

Google Adwords PPC Campaign

It’s a Pain Pay per click (PPC) Campaign by Google, also called cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner or a host of the website) when the ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.

See My Campaign Results as per below screenshot:

Google Adwords PPC Campaign

Honestly Speaking by spending 100$ USD for both Adwords and Facebook PPC, then I can achieve Now more than 2500+ traffic everyday on average. Traffic source Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, StumbleUpon and few other Social Media help me to get those number of traffic. And I’m getting Now more than 30% Direct Traffic After $100 USD Branding 🙂 which is the really great achievement for me as Digital Marketer.

Social Network Traffic Analytics Report


Social Network Analytics Report

Be a Visitor as Well

I made Blog Comments in 10 + Authority Blogs everyday including,,,, and many more blogs.

You have to become a visitor as well! Go to other blogs. Read if they are interesting. Leave a complimentary or positive comment. This is how you also will get other bloggers attention. They will visit your blog too. Try to do a guest blogging as well and visit those blogs who accepts guest posts. Spread your brand to them. If they find it interesting, then they will visit your blog. So, keep interacting other blogs.


Guys, You can test it or you can follow as per my case study that I clearly was shown to you what I did get 1,25,000 Pageviews for my blog within last 45 day’s. It was really a great achievement for me to get such number traffic after launching my blog.

It’s Cool!!!! I love to say WOW! 🙂

I know my friends right now what you’re thinking: it’s completely true that every case studies will bring in more qualified leads and engagements, also remember but that’s not always the case.

I hope this case study will help you a lot to drive traffic to your blog/website.

This is complete help you to drive traffic at least 50,000 in a single month if you do hard work.

If you have any question about this case study please feel free to do comment in the comment section.

Thank You so much for reading this Case Study.

Happy Blogging and Keep Smiling 🙂

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My Name is Avenue Sangma, SEO and Social Media Strategist From Bangladesh. Founder and Owner of this blog I am an Internet Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Blogger, Writer and known as solid Dreamer. I am totally passionate to dream and love to meeting great people around the world.

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  1. Hello Avenue bro,

    Glad to read your first case study.You just made it!
    I am really shocked to see your Adwords and Facebook campaign report. You got traffic at so low rate 🙂

    I also did a little stumble upon experiment in the past and drove 5000+ unique traffics within 3 days to a new site 😉

    See you soon bro. Happy blogging!

  2. Amazing Case Sutdy Buddy!!! Hope you will write about your Facebook Marketing Strategy so that, we can learn a lot more about it, I’m crazy person to learn about facebook marekting.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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