The Complete Facebook Marketing Guide for Beginner’s


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Most of my facebook friends and fans asking me why I am not releasing a Complete Facebook Marketing Guide for beginner’s, as I Committed to them yes I will write about Facebook marketing and Yes I will release a Complete Facebook Marketing Guide for you!

So NOW! Are you looking for to market yourself or your business on Facebook? if Yes, So….

Today I am going to discuss Facebook Marketing Guide (A Complete Guide) how to market your business using facebook.

I will just think about you all know what is Facebook and what is facebook marketing/advertising and how cool it is. Before sharing my complete Facebook Marketing, Guide let’s have a look what is facebook in few lines.

Facebook is a largest social networking website that makes you comfortable it simple for you to connect and share with your friends and family online. Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was enrolled at Harvard University. By 2006, anyone over the age of 13 with a valid mobile number or an email address could able to join Facebook. Today, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website, with more than 1,550 (1.55 billions) millions active users worldwide right now.

Number of active users in Millions

Whether you’re advertising on Facebook as an individual or as a brand, these professional articles will assist you to intend your presence, create challenges, execute ad campaigns and measure your marketing results.

I am sure as per my Facebook Marketing Guide that helps you to Promote your business immediately.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Guide for Beginner’s

This Amazing Facebook Marketing Guide will help your business to grow more than 3x speed, I am sharing my own method that I got success in my business personally.

Facebook Marketing Guide for Beginner's

Now step by steps Facebook Marketing Guide will give you a lot of things so find here now:

What kind of Users on Facebook?

Facebook mainly started their journey as a Social Networking Sites for the school, college, and university students. But by now, No matter where from you are you can connect with world’s largest social network facebook is encouraging to connect if you have an internet connection.

Few requirement using Facebook is minimum age 13 and need a valid email address/ mobile number if you have able to open a Facebook account.

I can guarantee you that, no issue what age of group you’re targeting on Facebook, Present will be more than a sufficient amount of those users on Facebook to Promote your business.

Learn How you do Market on Facebook?

You can promote yourself or business with three different tools (Page, Ads, Group) on Facebook. These three tools can be used by anyone so far. Each tool has the different purpose of using it properly for promoting your business.

#Facebook Page

A facebook marketing page gives your business a different voice and presence on online community, and is completely designed to help you connect with customers and reach your business goals.

Creating a Facebook Page learn here! you can easily Choose your Business Catagory as per Picture infront of you.

Creating a Facebook page

#Facebook Ads

With Facebook Marketing, you can easily create targeted marketing promotions to reach your business audiences and meet your business goals absolutely perfect.

Creating Facebook Ads is Very Much Easier more than anything..

How to Meet People to your business

Facebook Advertisement Creation Basics
  • Facebook Business Page post Engagements.
  • Business Facebook page Likes.
  • Clicks on Website/Send People to your Website/Blog/Business Page.
  • Website Conversions: track all actions through facebook marketing.
  • Apps Instal and Apps Engagements: Apps Install and take them to connect in your business in the specific way of your business.
  • Creating Facebook Event and To Market People for Super Engagement.
  • Offers: Creating Offers to get more people and get engage to your business.
  • Video Views: One of the best way to market your products and your business story for the best-selling purpose.
  • Local Awareness, Slideshows, Carousel and Dynamic Products Advertisements.

#Facebook Group

Facebook Groups build it simple to join with particular sets of people, like family, teammates or co-workers. Groups are committed spaces where you can share the own update, documents or photos and message other group members. You can also select one of three privacy options for each group you create.

Market Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Pages are the simplest, easiest method to get happening to promote with Facebook. They’re completely free, pretty simple to set up, and it is incredibly flexible. There’s not a lot of a disadvantage, either. Facebook Marketing Guide is very simple to understand and it’s really easy to promote your business page.

Few guidelines will help you when you create your facebook business page and you can easily avoid those mistakes.

#Profile Photo Size and Cover Photo Size

Your profile photo will be your business LOGO, it’s very simple to understand it.

And Cover Photo depends on your business promotion, How you want to the art of your business. Sometimes you can look your competitors Cover photos to find more attentions about it.


Your Facebook Business Marketing Page’s profile photo: as per displays at 160×160 pixels on PC’s, 140×140 pixels on Android/SmartPhones and 50×50 pixels on most different kind of feature phones. Try to make it, at least, 180×180 pixels. Will be cropped to fit a square.

Facebook Business page Profie Photo

Facebook Business Page Cover Photo Size:

“If you want to get the quickest load times for your business Page, upload an sRGB JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall. To inform you that if you need more regulations you can use PNG files. Please put a cover photo that will get more attentions to your customers or visitors.

Facebook Cover Photo for Business Page

About Section of Business Page

About Section is very important part of your business page. It will completely tell you about your business and about your complete role. You should pay attention more to edit this important page.

    • Facebook Page ID
      About Sector of Business Pages


Post Everyday Useful Things in Your Page

To Get more attention of your customers, you should follow my complete facebook marketing guide as I said before. Posting useful things everyday on your wall in the one of the best idea to get more business and more success. Be positive posting things on your business wall, you should read your customers what they are looking for you and as per you can make your business perfect and easier to involve then in your business network.

Few things you can post your business page:

  1. You can post your business related things to get more attention of your customers.
  2. Teach them about your products and business.
  3. Links to your company or business related article.
  4. Links to your blog or business posts.
  5. Share Coupon codes of your business products.
  6. Share useful tools that your fans might like.
  7. Share Interested things.
  8. Share Things that need to your customers.


Ask Questions to Your Fans

Getting fans involved in your business marketing page, you can ask questions to your customers.

You can ask theme about your products and service, you can ask them what they want, what they need from you, You can apply your own method to pay attention of your fans.

I want to suggest Powerful Facebook Marketing Tools You should Consider for your business page to get unlimited success.

Facebook Marketing Guide will help you to promote your business perfect and to get unlimited success in your business and personal life. Facebook is a powerhouse to promote your business. No matter what kind of business you will run, It has different kinds of marketing options that you help you to promote.

You Need sometimes to know more features about facebook marketing, but I hope this facebook marketing guide will help you to grow your business in your industry.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Guide I shared with you is to help your business and if you really love this stuff please do not forget to share with your friends and family.

If you have any questions please put your questions or suggestions in the comment box.

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