Powerful Facebook Marketing Tools You should Consider


Are you searching for ways to improve your Social Media Marketing?

Do you want to establish more attention to your customers through facebook marketing?

If you use right tools for your facebook marketing, that will help you to complete your job faster and easier too. You can easily optimize your facebook marketing if you follow me:

In This article try to discover 10 powerful tools, that can help business owners and facebook marketers as well as.

Facebook Marketing Tools for Small Business are basically depending to improve on some built-in tools and it is offered by Facebook to their advertisers and business pages are detailed and robust. Some fabulous Facebook tools which can help to push the marketing plan through the Facebook campaign with advertisements, contents, insights, and so on.


You Should Consider Selected Facebook Marketing Tips for some Tools

From Facebook marketing tools and advertising tools, I have selected some highly rated tools for the development of your small business.

10 Facebook Marketing Tools you Should Follow

  1. Agora Pulse

This dashboard in Facebook (along with Twitter) shows an overview of all kinds of activities on your Facebook page and it allows you to start campaigns right and schedule posts from your dashboard. The campaigns are according to your need, like; photo contest, fan vote, coupon, personality test, sweepstakes, quiz, etc. Other Facebook tools and app for the campaign are as; Heyo, ripe social, fan apps, etc.

  1. EdgeRank Checker

It is one of the research sites for favorite social media, EdgeRank Checker, allows you to complete analysis and overview of your Facebook page by some graphs and charts for their free achieves along with some additional updated features, such as; key metrics and page recommendation for the paid plan holders.

  1. ShortStack

This tool is for the comprehensive Facebook campaign. ShortStack makes easy to insert any kind of campaign with a huge number of alternatives for your Facebook page. The templates of ‘start from’ of ShortStack offer to build a campaign by sensitive image editor using scratch. Through ShortStack, it is possible to push a campaign live within a minute. It has some advanced options in the paid plans like Antavo, SnapApp, and GroSocial.

  1. Page Barometer

If you want to know Facebook page’s health or like to see the pages of the same size and scale, then you can take help from Facebook Page Barometer. Although, the tool is starting from Agora Pulse to reach, feedback, engagement, vitality and so on, to compare the results of the same kinds of pages and the  amount of the fans.

  1. AgoraPulse Contest

It is the part of the Agora Pulse tool and it is a contest of app that connect your own Facebook pages, moreover, it allows to try out 3 other sorts of the contest to prize your fans who are connected with your page. You can keep a record of the winners to prevent multiple winning references for further time.

  1. Conversation Score

It offers to discover any page’s engagement, influence, and performance easily and allows entering the page URL in this tool. It does not require any Facebook authorization.

  1. Likealyzer

Likealyzer is a similar tool to Conversation Score which evaluation Facebook pages to arise the overall score and suggest where it needs to improve. You only have to enter the page URL of Facebook and then the Likealyzer tool will come back after easy-to-read data along with some advice for the health of your page.

  1. FanPage Karma

It is another way to analyze your Facebook page. It shows the score and an overview of your page. It is the best and super analyzer among all tools that offers you to analyze detailed on your page. It lets you open a full report and the particulars of the page timing, influences, contents, fan engagement, benchmarking, tagging or many more.

  1. Wolfram-Alpha-Personal-Analytics

This tool is used to illuminate or as a minimum inflowing of your profile and personal brand pages. It is only for personal Facebook profiles.

  1. Post Planner

Post Planner is one of the Most powerful Facebook Marketing Tools I follow to get Ultimate success. The target of the tool is to make triple the engagement with a Facebook page within ten minutes in a day. Does it sound hard to hear? You can engage a huge number of fans for your page within a few days through this paid tool of Post Planner.

We have tried to deliver you a strong dose of Facebook Marketing Tips & Tools for Small Business. Try out these tools and tips to get success in your business.

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