Top 10 Dofollow High PR Free Document Sharing Sites List


Online Document Sharing Sites are becoming more popular now in the field of Digital Marketing. Most of the people are using Document sharing sites for exclusive Content Marketing. I have seen in my SEO practice, Document (DOC) Sharing Sites are the BEST for getting free dofollow quality backlinks and it helps a site to get quick search engine rankings.

If you get dofollow quality backlins from high PR, High PA, DA, (Page Authority and Domain Authority) from  document (DOC) sharing sites, It will help your website to get good Score in SEO. Mostly Good Page Authority Helps to get higher SEO score so far.

As we all know about Search Engine Ranking possibilities, Search Engine plays a big role for keyword ranking if your backlinks comes from High PR, good PA/DA sites with Dofollow links. You can use dofollow links by using different kinds of Anchor Texts with different keywords.

If you are searching for  right and helpful Dofollow High PR Free Document (DOC) Sharing Sites List, Then this article is for you my friends, you can promote your blog/products by using free document (DOC)  sharing sites.

Document (DOC) Sharing Sites helps you to upload your document for Content promotion and it gives you targeting custom audience. You can completely share your documents using following document (DOC) sharing sites list. It also helps promoter to send relevant traffic to his website and make promoter more happy for the next  document sharing.

Document Sharing Sites

How You can find Right Document Sharing Sites?

  • Page Rank
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Alexa Rank
  • Quality of Visitors.


If you are highly interested to know out best document (DOC) sharing sites list, please check below for more details



Alexa Rank-554, PA-95, DA-95 and Page Rank-9, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-1, PA-100, DA-96 and Page Rank-9, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-436, PA-93, DA-92 and Page Rank-8, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-145, PA-81, DA-95 and Page Rank-8, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-88, PA-92, DA-83 and Page Rank-8, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-554, PA-86, DA-82 and Page Rank-7, Type-Instant Approval


Alexa Rank-4311, PA-79, DA-90 and Page Rank-7, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-692, PA-70, DA-81 and Page Rank-7, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-36538, PA-74, DA-70 and Page Rank-7, Type-Free


Alexa Rank-8152, PA-85, DA-81 and Page Rank-6, Type-Free

Special Note: Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority can change any time when it get his update.


Before submitting your documents with above Document sharing sites, please don’t forget to check their terms and conditions of the site. If you do not follow their terms and conditions you document will be reject. If you found above all information are helpful please do not put your comment in comment section and keep sharing with others.

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