100+ Most Popular High PR Free Social Bookmarking Sites List for 2016


Are you really looking for HIGH PR free social bookmarking sites list?

The list I am going to provide you today free social bookmarking sites list with Dofollow backlinks. It will help you to rank your site and increase your online presence.

In this digital world we the people don’t have enough time to search for good links or good websites. But we want good sites quality links for ourselves but we couldn’t found. Because any search engine when we search we found 10000 of results but it’s not possible for a man to visits 10000 of sites for his/her desire things and get the best one. This is a big problem and the solution of this problem is free social bookmarking sites list.

Now there is a question what is this??  How it works???

And how can the visitors get the best result that they want. Well, free social bookmarking site list is a process of saving bookmarks to a website and tagging them with suitable keywords. Users can get this free of cost but for this, they need to be registered at first. It enables the users to, add, store, share link through the internet. You can also add music, images, videos etc.

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Here you can  also share your website pages, article links, blog links etc all this will be a set of a permalink so when any visitor visits this bookmarking site he or she will get those link and they can visit from there  and rate those link and they can bookmark too.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

100+ Most Popular High PR Free Social Bookmarking Sites List for 2016


  • http://www.bibsonomy.org/                                9
  • http://slashdot.org/                                               8
  • http://www.reddit.com/                                       8
  • http://www.stumbleupon.com/                         8
  • http://www.delicious.com/                                 8
  • http://www.newsvine.com/                                 8
  • https://www.diigo.com/                                       8
  • http://www.folkd.com/                                         7
  • http://www.bizsugar.com/                                   6
  • http://www.blokube.com/                                    4
  • http://buddymarks.com/                                      5
  • http://www.blokube.com/                                   4
  • http://buddymarks.com/                                     5
  • http://blinklist.com/                                              6
  • http://linkarena.com/                                           7
  • http://youmob.com/                                             5
  • http://newsmeback.com/                                   5
  • http://newsle.com/                                                 6
  • http://www.newsvine.com/                                 8
  • https://www.diigo.com/                                       8
  • http://www.folkd.com/                                         7
  • http://www.bizsugar.com/                                  6
  • http://givealink.org/main/show                       5
  • http://netvouz.com/                                             5
  • http://bookmarkgolden.com/                          3
  • http://www.pinterest.com/                               8
  • http://blogmarks.net/                                          6
  • http://wirefan.com/                                             5


Free social bookmarking sites list working process is very simple but very effective.  At first, you need to complete registration by completing your registration you will get a complete profile with your image and company URL. Then you have to add bookmarking toolbars. At last, submit what you want to like your website URL or page URL with title and description. But you have to careful about your title and description because of crawled and indexed URL.

Most HOT and Pioneer Free Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2015

http://digg.com   8

http://www.mister-wong.com 7

http://www.mixx.com 7

http://multiply.com 7

http://www.bibsonomy.org 7

http://www.kwoff.com 6

http://bignet.biz 6

http://www.dropjack.com 6

http://www.propeller.com 6

http://www.designfloat.com 6

http://www.linkagogo.com 6

http://faves.com 6

http://www.jumptags.com 6

http://www.maple.nu 5

http://tipd.com 5

http://metamusica.com.br 5

http://www.searchles.com 5

http://www.backflip.com 5

http://www.theviraltrend.com 5

http://www.sinoloveo.com 5

http://www.social-bookmarking.net 5

http://www.a1-webmarks.com 5

http://url.org 5

http://www.myusa.com 5

http://www.newsmeback.com 5

http://www.spurl.net 5

http://news4vn.com 5

http://hotbmark.com 5

http://bookmarks.oneindia.in 5

http://url.org 5

http://www.kirtsy.com 5

http://www.ecopuncture.com 4

http://www.oyax.com 4

http://uyghur.co.uk 4

http://bookawards.smallbiztrends.com 4

http://www.newskick.de 4

http://www.officialbookmark.com 4

http://somethingaboutmaryman.com 4

http://rubydojo.org 4

http://www3.utahpolitics.org 4

http://www.informatics.buu.ac.th 4

http://www.imcurtain.com 4

http://www.dnhour.com 4

http://socialmonkee.com 4

http://spletarna.net 4

http://www.ohter.com 4

http://www.blogregator.net 4

http://www.blogospherenews.com 4

http://cloudytags.com 4

http://www.alfadigital.info 4

The benefits of free social bookmarking sites list are more than we can think.  People mainly use this for search engine optimization and do follow backlinks to improve their websites ranking in search engine results pages. By bookmarking URLs, your sites will be indexed quickly in search engines for this you will get more traffic and high PR dofollow back link to your website. Its boost up your website rank. It is an open and free platform where anyone can learn and it can be addressed by calling a global bookmaker. People from anywhere any moment join here and learn from this.

Remember If you get DoFollow Links and Your site will get more trust Rank, Meantime you will get Trusted Visitors to your blog/site. If you like my List please do not forget to share this list with others. Keep reading Blogging Egg.

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