101 Formula: Good Blog Titles Ideas can Drive more Traffic


If I not wrong more than 2 million blog posts published each day. It’s very difficult to get people to read your article.

Your post may with a great piece of writing it doesn’t really a fact at all. Only the thing is that “a good blog titles ideas” can change your content reading percentage.

Hope you guys are doing well with your daily life.

Well, today I am here to share some proper idea about keeping a good blog title.

Many people have been asking me this question about good blog titles ideas many times till now.

So, today I am going to share some tips about blogging titles and names.

Blogging has become a trend nowadays. There are many bloggers around the world who are writing based on various topics of their interests. Some are writing bout online money making, some are sticking with health, beauty, fashion, photography, travel, nature, politics, religious and many others. Even many beginners are also trying how to start blogging. Blogging is not only about writing and sharing things. To become a successful blogger, you need to focus on some important aspects of SEO, interesting topics, and niches, content, content titles. Yes, to attract more readers or audiences, you also have to give some importance to your blog titles. That’s right. The title plays a very vital role in your blog. You might get more readers attention than you ever thought about. Always try to keep an eye-catchy and interesting name or a title for your blog content.

good blog titles ideas

I truely believe that a good blog title can Increase Blog Traffic to your blog. So if you really looking for this keep reading the article.

Follow 101 Formula: Good Blog Titles Ideas

So before you start writing or posting a content, make sure that the title of the content is good enough and very attractive to look at. You should concentrate and follow on few areas before you choose a title. Let’s talk about those aspects and areas in detail:

Be Selective:

Try to be selective while choosing a title for your content. There many good blog titles Try to be selective while choosing a title for your content. There a many good blog titles ideas you can start working on. If you really want to make a title ready, just make sure that you are not naming an unreasonable title. Set a reasonable title for the blog. Sometimes, a good title can bring you the highest number of readers. Select a relevant and reasonable title that actually matches to the whole content. Because the title is the segment which tells the whole story of a content in the shortest way possible.

Short and Catchy

Always try to keep your title short and eye-catchy. Suppose, you are writing an article based on the top-selling android phone. Now you should choose a title like “Best Selling Android Device/Phone in Market” or something relevant like this other than any irrelevant title. Now if you write “Some User-Friendly Android Phone You Should Choose” as the title, then it will look awkward. So I repeat! Keep your title short but way more meaningful. Only a catchy title will be able to grab more readers attention.

Use Adjective and Rationale:

The best way of making a catchy and interesting blog title is a proper use of adjective and rationale words. There are various kinds of an adjective like “Free”, “Funny”, “Incredible”, “Essential”, and many other adjectives you can use the title. Use some unique rationale as well. Rationale like “Facts”, “Ways”, “Ideas”, “Tips”, “Secrets”, and many more. You may also use some triggering or interrogative words like “Why”, “How”, “When” etc. You also can use promising words as well. The promising word means, say something directly to the reader. Example: “5 Essential Wight Lose Tricks You Should Follow”. In such title, “You Should Follow” is something promising.

Be Focused:

The main thing is your Focus. Always be focused on your title selection. Focus on the main thing is your Focus. Always be focused on your title selection. Focus on the wording of the title. Spend a chunk of times to prepare it first. Once you have decided the perfect title, just write it down but think again and again. Think whether this is the perfect title for your blog or not.

Make it SEO Friendly:

This is the most crucial part Of title making. You better use an SEO friendly keyword in the title. But wait! Before you chose an SEO based keyword, make sure you have done some Great Keyword Research on google keyword planner and find out the most used keyword for the topic you are writing on. Remember, an SEO friendly keyword can get the most number of visitors from the internet. SEO based keyword can give your content the higher rank in the search engine. So, to optimize your blog into the Search Engines, you must have to use the keyword in the title. But do not use TOO LONG keyword for the title. You will find out thousands of short but necessary keys for your title for sure. Another word for you. If you are using any keyword then keep it the starting point of the title.

Try not to write unreasonable and unrealistic: Not writing any unrealistic and unreasonable is one of the good blog titles ideas. If you think that you are going to write an extraordinary title just make the reader click on your blog, then you are doing it all wrong my friend. Keep the relevancy and write the accurate and perfect title for your blog.

So, guys, these are some absolutely pure tips of creating your blog titles and some good blog titles ideas.

You can follow these ideas to make your blog more attractive. The attractiveness of your blog doesn’t always falls under the quality of the contents only, titles are also really important part to make your blog more popular and NOT BORING to any readers.

Did you people like my ideas of title making?

How was it anyways?

You can share your thoughts with me as well just like I have shared mine.

Maybe there are something more interesting factors are living in your mind too!

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  1. After a long time visited your blog, most of the bloggers concentrate they won’t concentrate on ON PAGE optimization and title is one of the very important role plays on the search engine. whenever i write a new article i specially spend some valuable time on to create a catchy and s.e.o friendly title. its not only a good post and very knowledgeable post. Thanks sangma and expecting more genuine tips on seo from your blog


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