5 Steps How to Use Google Plus for Business


In today’s world, business has become globalized. Peoples around the world are getting connected to each other. Business is no longer based on telephone or e-mail. Nowadays, Social networking sites are getting used as one of the major business communication sources. As we all know that there are many well-known social networking sites are ruling the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and many other Social Networking Sites are also being used for the various business purpose. One of the biggest examples of social networking business is Online-shopping. Now maximum online shopping businesses are held on social networking sites. It actually helps you to save a huge amount of costing. Today we will have a good discussion on Google plus for business.

How to setup a Google Plus Page For Business

Like Facebook and Twitter, you can start your small and medium online based business through the Google plus. All you need is to open a specifically categorized page for your business or product promotion. Here are some tips:

Why should You use Google Plus for Business?

Here’s a summary of his findings:

  • There are about 2.2 billion G+ profiles
  • Of these, about 9% have any publicly-posted content
  • Of those, about 37% have as their most recent activity are comments on YouTube videos, another 8% are profile photo changes
  • Only 6% of active profiles have any post activity in 2015 (18 days so far)
  • Only about half of those, 3% of active profiles, are not YouTube posts
  • That is, 0.2% – 0.3% of all G+ profiles, about 4-6 million users, have made public post in 2015

Above information taken from : http://uk.businessinsider.com/

Create a Business Page:

First of all, you have to create a page on google plus. You will be able to create a page in the basis of various categories like:

choose your business type

  • Local business.

  • Product or brand.

  • Company or organization.

  • Art and entertainment.

  • And Other.


So, these are few categories on Google plus you can actually use for the page creation process. Just fix up your mind and a category your business will be standing on. Just choose a category in the Google plus for the business. For business purpose, Local business and product and brand, these two categories will be a perfect category among all other categories. Under local business and brand, you can open an online clothing shop, antique shop, online electronic shop, small business and many others.

Google Plus for Business

Give Detailed Information on the Page:

In the Information section, share your business goal, product information and other business strategies you have made up your mind with. Add some informative lines that actually will attract the customers. Remember, the more customers you get, the more business range you can ever grow. So research other competitors pages and make a clear blueprint of your business.

Proper Customization:

Only necessary information is not enough to catch the eye of customers. You need to do some customization works for your Google plus business page. Use some perfect and attractive cover image for your page, try to upload some customized business based images and contents. This process will make your page more candid and catchy. So, keep your page customized.

Share the Page Link:

After the page creation, customization, providing information, your Google Plus Business page should be all set and ready to go. Now you have to follow a small marketing strategy. Well, it’s not marketing in the fullest view. But still it’s kind of a small marketing for your page. Now what you will do is share all the contents and page links to your other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You will get some attention by this process. Your facebook friend may find some interests on your business who knows? Whoever wants to get you for the business purpose, just add him to your Google plus circle. This is how you can increase customers and followers circle in your Google plus Business Page.

Always share Creative and Catchy Content and Product:

Get more customers is not so easy. You have to get their attention by sharing creative contents, a product with reasonable pricing, a huge collection of the product. So do whatever it takes to get the attention of your customer. Always remember, your target is to achieve success this. Google plus for the business can be a great.

After all Google Plus is a one of the Largest platforms for doing Social Media Marketing

Finally, we now know some basic and important rules of online business. Google Plus for Business can be a great source of your earning if you ae doing all the things right. So, follow these rules and create a perfect business platform with Google plus. So don’t forget to use Google Plus for Business to achieve your strong online Marketing target. So don’t forget to share about Blogging Egg to your friends to get Blogging Tips Everyday.

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