The Best Highest Paying Online Surveys for New Year 2016


Paid online surveys have become very popular nowadays. Many research companies have been created online surveys around the world. They are always looking for the people to fill up their survey forms through online. Your opinions are very precious to those companies. Therefore, they are ready to give you a reward for your valuable opinions. You can spend your most of the spare time by surveying, which will bring you some cash. Well, there are a lot of online paid survey sites are available. Some of those survey sites are already marked as the pure fraud or scam. Basically, the number of scam survey sites are increasing day by day.

Highest Paying Online Surveys

Best Highest Paying Online Surveys

There are few reliable and legal highest paying online surveys sites are still paying real money to their surveyors. Let’s discuss:

My Survey:

Starting with My Survey. My survey is one of the popular and legitimate online paid survey site. They pay via PayPal. You will be rewarded points for the survey. They offer Argos, Amazon gift vouchers as well. Though, this site will pay you a specific amount of money for every 100 points you achieve.


SwagBucks is also a well-known survey site. They also offer highest paying online surveys for you. Their surveys are quite easy to complete. Those surveys are following the polling system. You will get to answer their daily poll and you will get points as a reward. They offer Amazon gift vouchers and gift cards. They also pay via PayPal.


Crowdology is another popular paid survey site.They pay real cash. Not point based, no gift or vouchers. You will complete their surveys and they will pay you cash via PayPal. Crowdology’s minimum payout is £4.


OnePoll is the most super-popular site among the highest paying online surveys sites. They basically run polls about many entertaining and funny topics like love life, celebrities, and many others. But the main obstacle is the payment withdrawal process. You can only withdraw the money once you reach in £40.


Toluna is one of the trusted survey sites. It actually takes opinions. Toluna is working for many renowned research companies. They will take your valued opinion about some products and in the change, they will give you a reward! In Toluna, you will be rewarded in the basis of points. The more points you will get, the more you will earn.


This is a kind of site that will not pay you only for the survey works, but also for the review writing and data entry works. You can earn minimum £1 for completing per survey they offer. They pay in cash.

Global Test Market:

This is an American survey site which is very popular. They pay cheques only. Their minimum payment or reward threshold is $50.

New Vista Live:

Other than cold calling, they offer online surveys on behalf of the world’s leading market research companies. They pay in cash and also offer prize draw system! you will be rewarded £5 right after the joining.

My View:

They will allow to do a survey on the latest movie trailers, video games, and other interesting topics. They pay via PayPal and also offer Amazon gift vouchers and gift cards. My View is also known as the top among all the legitimate highest online paying surveys site.

IPSOS i-Say:

This is one of the top and well-renowned highest paying online surveys sites. They are working under the largest survey-based research companies. They don’t pay in cash, but they offer attractive Amazon gift vouchers and prize draws!

So far we have discussed few well known highest paying online surveys sites that pay real and legitimate money. Most of them are working on behalf of the world famous market research companies. There are some other legal sites. Before selecting paid survey site, you have to be more careful. Just gather as many information as possible whether the site is legal or not. Because, there are a lot of scams sites are also available. They are taking surveys from the people without paying a single penny. So be cautious about it and choose wisely.

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