How To Increase Blog Traffic: 6 Proven Ways using for Blogging Egg


Are you looking for to increase your blog traffic?

Even you don’t know anything about how to increase your blog traffic? Still no one visiting in your blog?

If Yes, this article may help you to increase your blog traffic right now.

Hope you are looking for a reliable source, but don’t know how to start or from where to begin.

I promise you, This article will be the best resources to provide you quick information how to increase blog traffic. If I not wrong hope you know  the little strategies about to increase blog traffic, But I am going to discuss with you the whole approach of increasing blog traffic in a unique way.

All we know Blogging is gaining huge fame Everyday. When we feel that we need to share our thoughts and other stuff to the world, we then start blogging. Because blogging is the only way to share our views to other peoples around the world. Well, creating a blog takes less time and not so tough. But it’s really tough to increase its popularity via getting some traffic.

By the word “traffic”, I didn’t mean the road traffic anyways!

In the case of the websites or blogs, traffic means visitors. If your blog is getting increased rate of traffic day by day, then that’s the real good deal you have made!

The more traffic or visitors you get, the more popularity your blog shall earn. You need to follow some steps and apply some tricks to attract more visitors to your blog. Now let’s discuss how to increase blog traffic:

How To Increase Blog Traffic: 6 Proven Ways I am using for Blogging Egg


Please Try to Understand Your Audience

The first step you need to understand your audience and their behaviour’s. Hope you know the Great SEO Tools “Alexa” If you visit you will see same as below picture.

Type your Site “” and Enter “FIND”alexa web analytics toolkit


When you Scroll down then You can see details how people are getting engage with

how people are engage with blogging egg

  • Do a Complete Traffic Plan for Next 60-90 Day’s.
  • Create KICKASS Blog Headlines.
  • Use Keyword for Your Content.
  • Use Subtitles for Your Blog Post.
  • Never use more than 4 Hyperlinks, extremely needed you can use 6.
  • Do Keyword Research before your Blog Post.
  • Create Your Website fully Responsive.
  • Follow your Audience What they are looking for?

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Make Creative Content for Your Blog: 

There will be some random visitors in your blog Everyday. Those visitors can be the regular blog readers or even bloggers. They always look for interesting and informative matters to read in their spare times. So, they roam around and goes to other blogs. Keeping that in mind, you have to be creative with your blogging skills. Write some creative, interesting, knowledgeable and informative articles that usually attracts others. This is how you can increase blog traffic.

Create BEST SEO-Friendly Content:

SEO-Friendly content will increase visitors to your blog. Make each and every content which is search engine optimized. Just keep your eyes on the keywords and do some research on them. Find out which keywords are most searched via search engines. Then just make a list of keywords which you are going to us while creating a content. Always remember, if you are looking for the answer of how to increase blog traffic?” then SEO-Friendly content is one of the best options to increase traffic. You can use SEO WordPress plugins. If you are using WordPress then, WordPress SEO by YOAST is one of the best SEO plugins by far. Also, use Google Analytics just to keep your eyes on other websites or blogs to find out how and which keywords they are using.

seo friendly content creation

See so Many Important Plugins using for my blog: 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

Make your Blog Faster:

Keep your blog faster than ever. Remember, visitors will come to see your contents and if they see your blog running like a tortoise speed then your visitors are not going to wait for too long. So you will definitely lose you valued traffic. Therefore, keep your blog fast by cleaning unnecessary plugins, compressing images and many other ways.

Hosting is One of the BEST Playing Key for doing Your Blog More Faster: see My Recommended Hosting Below:

Bluehost WebHosting

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Learn How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Share your Content via Social Network:

This sounds like marketing or seeking some attention! Yes, it is actual! If you are a blogger and want other peoples to see your blog, then just share your blog link or content links via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and others. Try to share with your friends and family to. This is the way you can increase blog traffic.

reddit submit


Be a Visitor as Well:

You have to become a visitor as well! Go to other blogs. Read if they are interesting. Leave a complimentary or positive comment. This is how you also will get other bloggers attention. They will visit your blog too. Try to do a guest blogging as well and visit those blogs who accepts guest posts. Spread your brand to them. If they find it interesting, then they will visit your blog. So, keep interacting other blogs.

blog comments for increasing web traffic

Join in a Blogger Community:

Joining in a Blogger Community, which is my one of best Strategies I really use for my Blog Traffic. You may find some communities or groups of bloggers in practical, or even in social networking sites. Just join them and share your blog to them and ask them to give you the feedback.

So, you wanted to know how to increase blog traffic? These are some reliable tips I have discussed for you. Just follow them and try to keep up with these simple ideas. Apply those properly and your blog is going to be HIT!

Trust me, If you can follow these 6 rules You will see traffic how they are coming to your blog. ROCKET, KICKASS Process that you may Apply strongly. Don’t forget to Subscribe with Blogging Egg for Unlimited Blogging Tips.

My Name is Avenue Sangma, SEO and Social Media Strategist From Bangladesh. Founder and Owner of this blog I am an Internet Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Blogger, Writer and known as solid Dreamer. I am totally passionate to dream and love to meeting great people around the world.

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