Interview With Nimi Patel: 9 Months Affiliate Marketing Success


Hello, guys today we back again with another brilliant interview.

A great part of our Interview Series Today we have Nimi Patel from She is Affiliate Marketer and Home Based Internet Entrepreneur from Australia. She is helpful and very much passionate with her home based business in  Affiliate Industry.

Never give up on your dreams but to keep moving forward-Nimi Patel

Interview With Nimi Patel: 9 Months Affiliate Marketing Success

Nimi Patel just an ordinary stay-at-home mom, who once had a dream and incredible passion for being able to make full time income from home. When her first baby was just 6 days, She had to go back to work. It was terrible to leave to work when her baby was crying! It was heart breaking. Read More Here about Nimi Patel

Interview with Nimi Patel

Let’s start with the interview and we have some mind-boggling insights all about affiliate marketing.

Nimi Can You Please Introduce Yourself to Our Blogging Egg Readers. Can You please tell us about your Affiliate Journey?

Hello everyone, my name is Nimi and I am from Australia and at home mom making extra income from home, I have 2 lovely kids and when my little one was born I was worried, I didn’t want to go back to work I wanted to stay with my kids be with them and so I had to look for something online, I was seeing there were so many people making money online and for me it was new so I started putting my emails in different people list and i tried few different things but it didn’t work for me, finally, i came across a system called My Online Business education (MOBE) its affiliate marketing business where you get high ticket commissions without you picking up the phone or doing sales, and it caught my eye as I didn’t have to do any selling , so  joined the fee to join is only $49 which we spend on our dinner or lunch so I thought to let me give it a try and I was blown away when I found I have my own personal coach who takes me step by step and answers my questions and query I have so I decide to promote the system and I am doing pretty well at this moment, HOW ? All I have to do is drive traffic to front end offer and I am loving it as I get sales on autopilot, selling is done by company team.

I believe you are a Digital Marketer and what kind of Marketing you are doing for Promoting Your Affiliate Products?

I do free facebook marketing connects with people and Connect with moms one to one I like to be personal and I like to know person who is joining my team where they coming from and I can guide them and teach them exactly what I do and it’s doable ,I also do facebook PPC but again every campaign you do have to test so there is a learning curve.

What Blogs You Most Read For Affiliate Marketing? Tell Us About An Article You Recently Read That Stuck Out To You.

There are 4 blogs that I read entrepreneurs blog, mom blog, parenting blog, stayathomemom blog.

What kind of Affiliate Products are you Promoting and How about the Percentage of Your products?

Products I promote are educational products so for example anyone don’t want to join the business but want’s to learn about facebook marketing they can buy that for example: $297 one-time fee. and I make 60% commissions on that. which is not bad right. Plus they are my customer for a lifetime, so if they buy anything in future I get the credit.

What Are The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing? What kind of Products Are Pioneer In the Digital Industry?

Secret of Affiliate marketing is to drive traffic to offer, money making activities, don;t waste time, focus on high-value activities,

How to Increase Email List? And Tell Us How To Improve CTR?

To Increase your email list you need to drive traffic everyday, focus on 1 or 2 traffic strategy and see which one is bringing you more leads and this way you build your list, to improve your CTR you need to provide lot of value to those leads.

What Are The Best Tips In Affiliate Marketing You Would Like To Give To Our Readers?

Go for high ticket offers. That pays you more commissions. For example: you sell product from JV zoo or Any Affiliate Sites you get paid in front end product it’s like 50% and all back-end commissions are making the person rich not you. Second you are doing all this afford to get this lead to becoming buyer and you are not making enough.

Do You Think Affiliate Marketing Have A Secure Future For Living?

Yes its secure future because it’s growing more and more people are looking ways to make money online ,because they want to make extra income from home, want to have freedom ,want to come out of depths etc. And affiliate marketing is easy to do because you don’t create your own products ,website and funnels it’s done for you.

What kind of Digital Marketing are you following for 2016 to Promote your Affiliate Products?

I do Facebook PPC and Twitter ads which work best for me.

What kind of relationship are you building for your skill development?

Building relation with a high profile is very important and to do that you need to attend live events, connect with people who are well position and you can learn from them and model them. Even if you are new doesn’t matter but you have to start doing this.This can improve your skills and when you attend live events/webinar you can rub your shoulders with people who have made 6 figure up to millions of dollars.

Nimi Patel had shared her best insights for Affiliate Marketing and Personal Development in Home Based Business.

Hope You guys enjoyed this brilliant interview and believing that learned more about affiliate technologies, online success, and digital marketing tips today. Now on I will try to publish more interviews over the year of 2016. I believe you enjoyed guys this amazing interview.

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