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Hello, Blogging Egg Fans and Friends Today I would like to Introduce you in my First interview with MSI Sakib from Sakib is the only key persona behind I hope you guys well-known about Techmasi. I don’t think that to explain you about techmasi again here in this interview. Today he is going to discuss with so many tricky questions which are completely related to Blogging, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

I believe that you enjoy his Interview on my Blogging Egg blog. He really considering this interview as I requested to him and working hard from both sides for this crazy interview.

Interview with Tech Blogger Sakib from Techmasi

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How you started your blogging Career?

Answer: My main blogging career was started from November 2013. I learned about SEO and implemented that knowledge in my blog as well as tried to teach people about SEO and Blogging. My that blog was hosted on free Blogspot platform. On 12th May 2014, I bought domain and Re-started my blogging journey on WordPress just like the pro bloggers.

I believe you are a Digital Marketer and what kind of Marketing you are doing for blog engagement?

Blog engagement is one of the most important parts where almost 90% bloggers suck. Good amount of engagement can turn a blog into a brand. Basically, I am trying to write an article that will solve the specific problem of my readers. If my articles are helpful and able to solve problems then they will obviously visit again and again as well as try to engage with my blog. Moreover, I have started collecting Emails from my readers  to get more returning visitors which means more engagement.

What is the EverGreen SEO you ever Practice, I mean What Super SEO Practice you are doing for your Blog?

I believe good SEO is based on the Attractive title, engaging content and contextual links from other relevant and authentic sources. In the future, Google’s algorithm will be totally autonomous as Rand Fishkin mentioned in one of his videos. A good title will increase CTR, engaging content will reduce bounce rate and the relevant contextual link will provide initial boosting power for ranking. So, right now I am focusing on these 3 parts to build strong SEO pillar.

What kind of SEO Tools are you using to discover yourself in global blogging Industry?

For keyword research, I use LongTail Pro. Besides, I am using SEO Power Suite for various purposes such as rank tracking, site audition, discovering competitors links. Occasionally I use several other tools such as Ahrefs, SEO Profiler, Moonsy etc.

What kind of Affiliate Products are you Promoting and How about the Percentage of Your products?

As my blog is in SEO and blogging niche I am mainly promoting Hosting, Themes, SEO tools, Domain registration etc. products. To be honest, it’s very tough to get sales in this niche as it is highly saturated by the webmasters. Percentage of commission ranges from 20% to 70% depending on the product.

What  blogs do you read Most for SEO, blogging, Affiliates and Digital Marketing?

I follow lots of blogs to learn about my passionate topic. To make this interview article short, I am listing some blogs that I visit frequently and have learned a lot till now.

  7. Moz blog

and so on ………

What kind of SEO practice are you following for 2016?

I already mentioned the 3 bases of SEO from my point of view. Actually, I am focusing on Quality rather than quantity nowadays. To be honest, it’s almost impossible to rank any page on the first page without any link building or social shares. However, to get the most out of your effort, links must be from relevant sources. Recently, I did a little experiment on StumbleUpon. Just by working for 20 minutes I drove more than 5,000 unique visitors to my blog. In this experiment, I tried to understand the aim of StumbleUpon and the psychology of it’s users and then BOOM!

What do you think about 3rd Party blogs that playing a vital role for blogs visitors nowadays?

Third party blogs are really helpful to grow the community. Good networking with other blog owners will lead to more targeted visitors day by day. This networking can be started via blog comment and can roll on by interviewing, guest posting, social shares, and mentions etc.

What kind of relationship are you building for your skill development?

I am doing non-stop study and research to improve my skills. As I am a multi-tasker I need to take care of many kinds of stuff at the same time. I often enroll premium online courses and buy eBooks to learn from the gurus.

Do you share with Blogging Communities what is the secrets in SEO?

Yes, I do share my posts on blogging communities. However, nowadays I do less sharing because just a share seems less helpful. I prefer engaging with the community members so that they will vote for your post which will help to rank on the first page of that particular community.

Actually, there is no secret in SEO. The more you will understand to search engines and search engine marketing (i.e. Google), the better you can rank your sites.

Tell us about Google’s latest Updates?

From the latest news of some industry leading blogs, I came to know that Penguin 4.2 is the latest update of Google. However, Google hasn’t announced it officially till now. Moreover, this version of Penguin will be real time and will be integrated with the core algorithm of Google. This is a clear indication that in order to sustain in Google’s ranking we need to build high-quality backlinks as well as stay away from spammy backlinks.

Hope You guys enjoyed this interview and believing that learned more about new blogging technologies, seo techniques, and digital marketing tips today. Now on I will try to publish more interviews over the year of 2016.

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