Top 10 Low Investment Business Ideas for Great Startup


Nowadays, The world is becoming more business oriented. Peoples are showing their interests in business more than doing a job. But for lack of proper business ideas, many of them have not succeeded in starting their own business. Starting a business doesn’t mean that you have to invest a bigger amount of money. There are many businesses which don’t even require a huge amount of money. By starting that business, you might earn some real and huge cash in the end of the month or a year! Yes, if you have a proper business plan, you don’t have to invest a large sum for it. Only a little amount of money is enough as a goodwill or an investment. Let’s talk about some low investment business ideas:

Top 10 Low Investment Business Ideas

low investment business ideas

Create a Freelancer Team:

Today, online freelancing is gaining huge popularity across the world. Freelancing job marketplaces like, are hiring freelancers from many corners of the world. You can create a team of freelancers who will do the bidding and can do the work properly. You can make a team in the basis of a specified work like graphics design, web developing, app developing or content writing. This the way, you can start a business without investing tons of money.

Event Management Planner:

You can start as an event planner with very small amount of money investment. Just get an idea about it and get the necessary items you need for this business. Now all you need is to collect some information about the small events, programs in your area and contact them.

Wedding planner:

Just like even planning strategy, wedding planning also falls under the “almost same” category. You can also start the matchmaking service as an additional business under it. I promise my friend wedding planner will a be a great start up idea.

Mobile Food Court:

Nowadays, we see many mobile food sellers in the roadside. They sell very delicious food items at a cheaper and reasonable price. It can also be a good business plan with low investment.


Gymnasium is always helpful for anyone. If you are fat, you need to go to the gym, if you want to become a bodybuilder; you have to go to the gym. Not only this, the gym is the place where you can do physical workouts which will make you fit person. Therefore, as a business this is awesome. You don’t even have to invest huge money to make the gym. You may need probably few thousands of money at first. So it’s also one of the great Low Investment Business Ideas.

Travel Agent and Student Counselor:

Starting a travel agency or a student counseling business can be done with a very low investment. That’s not all, if the business hits the track, it can bring you large amount of money.

Clothing or Boutique Store:

You can open a store of clothing or boutique of your own. If you are bothered for the store opening charges then don’t you worry about it? You still can do this business through online. Facebook is one of the best options for online buying and selling business. Therefore, opening a clothing and boutique shop is one of the best low investment business ideas.

Tutor or Career Guide:

You can open a coaching center where you will teach a specific subject to you students. It can be a dance and other extra-curricular activity based, IT based, yoga based, career development based. Just choose the thing you are very good at and make the whole plan. Because, it also one of the low investment business idea.


If you are a good photographer, you can earn easily by clicking some picture for fashion modeling, wedding, and other programs. All you need is a camera and some photography based skills.

SEO Consultant:

Website owners are always looking for an SEO expert guy who can consults the whole SEO matters to them. Being an SEO Consultant, you just need to have a good idea of SEO and other SEO related topics. It will not cost you that much money either.

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These are some low investment business ideas. You can try these out as a start-up. There are many more business plans which can also be started with smaller cash. For example cook, catering service, bookstore, grocery store, customer support team, virtual assistance, garments stock lot business, an automobile dealership, and many other businesses. You just need to use the brain to start and to be a successful business owner.

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