Never judge a Person by their Grade or Job a letter from Sushanta Paul


Dear juniors!
Never judge a person by their grade or job. There was never, there is never and there will be never a correlation between your grade and your achievement. If you just study, you will have good grades and people around will call you brilliant. It’s not that big deal. Study and get good grades. Simple! A genius is something more than that. Only study is not enough. There are many things you cannot learn, but you can only feel. I believe, wisdom never comes from without, it always comes from within. Feeling as well, not just knowing is what makes you extraordinary. For example, a good listener only just listens, but a connoisseur also feels music. And, it makes the difference. One genius is much more hailed on earth than even one thousand skilled people. No institutions could ever produce a genius.Still,

Sushanta Paul

Still, grade is essential. There is no such a rule that you must have lower grade to have higher potential as these two things are different. These two G’s hardly go hand in hand : Grade & Genius. But, there is only one point on which they coincide and that is, both demand sweating, I mean, rigorous sweating. It’s not that we don’t sweat, it’s that we sweat on small staffs and it often results in settling on smaller lucks. Not achieving what we aim for is not the problem, rather aiming for the things smaller than we could achieve and really achieving those things is the main problem. You must believe that you’re the best, at least you’re gifted with everything to be that best. If you’re not found that best, maybe you’re wasting your time & energy exploring the wrong avenue. Only knowledge is not enough, proper and timely implementation is needed. Have you ever noticed that what we call luck, clicks the most in case of the high achievers? So, what about the others? Haven’t they tried? Yes, they did, but there’s something beyond the popular beliefs. If being out of your comfort zone is the first thing, the second one must be knowing where to be, why to be and how to be. Conquering the Everest is all about emotion and attitude, mindset, in short, not about physical capability or incapability. Once you have that mindset, the rest will automatically follow. Yes, being where you’ve always been never takes you where you dream of being. New things demand new enterprises.

They often said, think out of the box. Now they say, think there’s no box. I say, think what no one ever thought. Be out of that box-concept. Even thinking ‘there’s no box’, requires an invisible box. You become a part of a community, people know you by your community, it’s the common thing that happens. Well, now you feel secured to be its part as it assures you many things you couldn’t avail otherwise. What most people do, is they just introduce themselves by their community. Just think. There’s always a genius who crosses an extra mile by some extra intelligent sweating. For that crazy foolish genius, we know that community. People start knowing that community by that person. Being a part of your community is easy but making your community a part of yours is tough. A genius like Bill Gates makes Microsoft and Microsoft makes thousands of skilled people. We know Apple by Jobs, we know the best engineer in the world by Apple. Jobs’ Apple makes you feel like being of it, my apple makes you feel like making it your part as you believe you cannot have Jobs’ Apple. It makes the difference.

Why Destiny 2000 Ltd failed to operate? I’ve my own theory to answer this. When a company runs not by its own face value, rather by its employee’s face value, it can never sustain in the long run. We knew Destiny by its distributors, not by the company itself. We trusted the distributors, not the company. And, the system was something like ‘job at your doorstep’. I believe, ‘job at your doorstep’ is not a job at all. That’s why Destiny had always been destined to fall even since its inception. I used to share this concept with my friends, but they never believed it and laughed at me. Who ever came at your home wearing a tie and tried to persuade you to join British American Tobacco? Earning what you don’t have to sweat for is not an earning at all. Rather, such earnings make you spend: time, energy, money, reputation!
You’ve to be the eleventh one out the ten common people if you want to stand in such a way that that ten common people admire your stand. Being in a group, you can never earn extra appreciation out of that group if you can’t stop thinking like the members of that group. Having a loser’s mindset and attitude will never make you a winner. Winning is a habit, unfortunately, losing is also a habit.

Only earning money is not enough. Also knowing what to buy with your money you earn that your money cannot buy, is important, as the most beautiful things on earth are the things money cannot buy. Paradoxically, you’ve to earn money to enjoy the things money cannot buy, for, without earning money, not always enjoying those things is easy. The more you can be out the money making game, the more you feel rich, empowered. Being a slave to money is being a slave to someone else’s soul.
All worthless soliloquies…….. Please read & just forget! Even better, if you’d not read those lines at all!

Sushanta Paul

Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

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