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I would love to say Internal Linking is the best Evergreen SEO Strategies in the world I found ever. I promise you after reading this article completely, you will find a glass of fresh SEO juice to do strong your SEO knowledge.

And you will able to create SEO Internal Linking for your blog/website.

Is it really awesome right?

so Let’s Start our Lesson from here!

SEO Internal linking

SEO Internal Linking is the most necessary type of hyperlink in any website. If you are familiar with website development or blogging or any other blogging sites like WordPress and, then you should also be familiar with this internal linking stuff. It is very easy to create any internal link on your web page. You can easily move one page to another page with this link. So, an internal link is something like a bridge or pathway or a connector of web pages. It must be necessary to create SEO based internal link for your website. As we all know that SEO friendly internal link can bring more and more visitors to any web.

I want to ask you a question right now Did you asked yourself how to create internal linking before?

I don’t think so, you tried more to know about Link Building Strategy How to create backlinks.

Internal linking

An Internal linking is a kind hyperlink by which, you can create a link to connect one page to another. It can be done within the same domain of any other web page. Depends. But the word “internal” means, when all the linking is in between the same domain or website, then it is called internal linking. When a link takes you to the different domain or website, then it is called external linking. But here our main piece of discussion is about internal linking. Internal linking plays a very major role. Internal linking can be created through image or in text document format. In HTML format, internal linking will look like this code: <a href=””>another page on same website</a> and it will just look like a simple link without HTML view.

Importance of SEO Internal linking

It has been mentioned that Internal linking plays a very important role for a website. There are tremendous necessities of an internal link in your website. This can be an ideal visitor attractor for the web as well. Now let’s see how internal linking is important:

  • Makes Authority: Internal linking on your website can build a large authority to your pages, which is a positive way to increase more traffic day by day.
  • Increases Page Views: Ideal and pre-planned internal linking can also up the page views effectively. SEO internal linking can be the key player of this circumstance. SEO friendly linking can bring a huge amount of visitors to any website.
  • Search Engine Index: Ideal SEO friendly internal link can help your website get top listed or indexed in any search engine like Google.
  • Increases Sales and Customers: We already know it. Let me clarify it with detail. If you are running any business based or e-commerce website then the internal link can get you more customer for your product.

So, these are some noticeable advantages and the importance of the internal linking of your website. But there are few important rules to create or set the internal linking for the website. We were talking about the “SEO” friendly internal link. So, it’s clear that SEO based internal link can be very useful for your web. SEO based link can manage to invite more people to your web. So it’s absolutely necessary your link should be SEO friendly. SEO friendly means, your whole plan should be top keyword enriched. Some rules you have to follow:

Follow a proper keyword Chart:

First create a list of some good keywords and then use them properly. Pre-planning is the main key to follow this rule. Usage of good SEO based keyword on your internal linking can be the positive way to build ideal link.

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Keep the link and Anchor Text Same:

Internal linking text and the anchor text should be in an exact way. Do not exaggerate anything. Use proper keyword and keep the link and anchor text same. Just So try to keep your internal link and anchor text exactly same.

Link Opening with New Window:

If you are expert in WordPress, you shall understand the reference. Always try to keep the link which opens a new window. This is now you can stay on a page and can focus on any new topic or new page at the same time.

Correct Coding for the Link:

Always use HTML coding system for the internal linking rather than using javascript or any other embedded code. Don’t do any type of mistake or the link will be of no use and it will not open properly.

Do not Overuse:

Excessive usage of internal linking has a bad effect on your web. Overuse of link can less your authority flow. So keep your eyes on linking strategies. Keep it moderate. Do not overuse. I repeat! Do not use the excessive link.

Utilize Everything inside your Business:

You have to utilize everything before you create internal linking on the web. You must find out the high authority page, most used keywords, homepage, every page is properly linked up and other things. Without knowing these facts, you may be able to make many links but they will not bring you the best result.

Manual Internal Linking

I highly recommending to you do not go with plugins for Internal Linking, the Best way to do is Manually doing this great job. Remember plugins will do internal linkings fully automated. Now the question is you may think it will be the best to do internal linking, but You know what, plugins will never know user experience about SEO internal linking.

Always do internal linking in manually so keep this in your mind.

This is how you can manage the whole SEO internal linking process. Just make sure you are following all these regulations and tips.

So right now Do you have any kind of questions or suggestions about SEO Internal linking?

If yes, let’s start a discussion what happened in the next. Do not forget to comment in the comment box below.

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