8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools to Spice up Your Online Business


I know you guys are looking for social media marketing tools?

Do you exactly know which social media marketing tools are recommended by social professionals?

It’s really true that, not easy to understand, which social media marketing tools are most valuable for the best social media marketing.

Today I want to share with you those valuable tools that will give you more return on your investment.

Social media and social media marketing are often used interchangeably. Social media marketing is a process of gaining online traffic through social media sites and social media networks are vehicles to get your message out. Various different social media management tools/ resources are used to promote brand/services online for the businesses of all sizes.

Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools

The term “social media” refers to online tools for sharing and discussing information. These tools include blogs, microblogs like Twitter, wikis, and social networks such as Facebook and allow users to create and share content – including text, graphics, podcasting, pictures and video etc. These tools allow individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. Social media has become a core marketing tool in just a few years; statistics show nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts; successful businesses are using social media to attract consumers.

 I am sure you all know what Angie’s List (www.angieslist.com) works. Angie’s list is also an advertising platform; it’s a paid subscription-supported website. Angie’s List has facilitated many positive experiences for members and listed businesses, is a community where members and local providers can connect. Angie’s List primarily promotes small businesses.

The premise is that businesses can be reviewed and rated on an “A” to “F” scale by customers at the local level. Angie’s List members submit reviews about experiences and rate service providers.

The more positive reviews a business gets, the higher they will place in a member’s search.

60% of revenue comes from service providers and the rest comes from subscription fees for people accessing their list of rated contractors.

Before I buy anything I look at the seller’s reviews and I am sure a lot of you do the same. Positive reviews influence the potential customers buying decision. Social media plays an essential role in any business.

Social media management systems provide functionality to administer social media accounts, schedule posts, schedule emails and SMSs, publish content, manage social media campaigns, monitor what’s being said about your brand/products, analyze customer feedback, connect with customers, boost positive review online and social analytics.

Social media management software is used by marketing, and communications departments to increase brand awareness and engage online communities. The following features are the must have for a Social Media Marketing Tool:

  • Channel management:   The tool must have the capabilities to manage multiple social media accounts.
  • Social media content marketing calendar: The tool must allow to schedule your social media content in advance
  • Publish social media posts: Schedule tweets, Facebook posts Automate and schedule social media posts using social media publishing tools.
  • Customer feedback: The tool must have capability for customer inquiries
  • Store content and archive posts: The tool must have capability archive previous posts.
  • Analytics: The tool must generate all of the Social Media Metrics

Social Media Marketing Tools / platform

In this social media marketing tools article I will discover more than 10 tools that you should consider for your social media marketing. So from today boost your blog post and make a huge leads.


Hootsuite is one of many social media management tool. It helps you keep track and manage your many social profiles. It tracks and monitor what people are saying about your product/services and help you respond instantly. Hootsuite offers an enterprise solution for managing unlimited social profiles, enhanced analytics, advanced message scheduling, and Google Analytics and Facebook insights integration.



Buffer is another popular social media tool to drive online traffic and increase fan engagement. Buffer allows users to schedule and publish all posts to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. from one place.  With Buffer analytics you can sort and order posts by type and metric (like most clicks, retweets, likes) of your choice.

Save time managing your social media

Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place

buffer social media tool


According to Wikipedia IFTTT is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as GmailFacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.[4] IFTTT is an abbreviation of “If This Then That”

IFTTT is a powerful Internet automation site. Create connections between apps like Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail etc.  IFTTT has ratings 4.2 out of 5 Stars in Google Play.

4.Social Oomph

Socialoomph manages and automates your social media efforts. This tool allows you to set up auto-follows, auto-direct messages, and auto-responders. Boost your social media productivity.


Social Oomph social media management tool can make life a lot easier for those who do not have much time to control and organize their multiple social media profiles. This tool is helpful and easy to handle. Social Oomph is an ideal tool for those who want to effectively manage twitter accounts as it has a variety of features to manage twitter. As mentioned above, it doesn’t support all famous networks though.

5.Tweet Deck:

Tweet Deck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. This allows you to monitor and manage your Twitter feeds.  The user can sort by number of retweets, likes, or replies etc. You can schedule tweets and stay up to date with alerts and notification for new tweets. As we know twitter is more important for business marketing. So I am recommending you should discover this tool immediately to grow your business.

6.Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is also a social media marketing tools for social media management, these tool mostly created to help businesses grow their social media presence. With Sprout Social user can scheduling and publishing content. Analytics function provides data from blogs and social media websites and which helps businesses make decisions.

Sprout Social Tool

Image Source: sproutsocial.com

7.Post Planner for Facebook Schedule Post

I recently discover that post planner is a awesome tool for facebook schedule post, this amazing app tool will provide a beautiful dashboard to discover your facebook posts easily and safe for your online marketing. Also it will help you to manage and enhance your Facebook marketing strategy.

Post Planner also helps to schedule updates in advance. It allows to make social status ideas how to make it awesome social media marketing tools for facebook Schedule post.

-Schedule Post

-Able to Target Your Audiencepost Planner

Source: PostPlanner.com

This wonderful tool allows to get access to the most viral posts on Facebook and insights on trending content based on your marketing industry. It even has fully free training to help you maximize your online presence on Facebook.

Tool Recommended by Forbes

In 2015, posts made via Post Planner averaged 2.2 million Likes per day overall.

Not sure what to post on social?

Discover amazing content and stop the guess work 🙂

Get Started with L♥VE………..


BuzzBundle is a new social media tracking social media management software. This  is one of the best way to promote your brand. You can post comments, replies, retweets and private messages across all these channels without leaving the workspace.


As per I used most of the social media marketing tools before, BuzzBundle is completely different I found ever it’s a POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA SOFTWARE. You can easily Find online conversations about your company, brand or products and engage with your audience.

BuzzBundle Social Media Tool

For long time work don’t forget to track your every social media marketing works, I prefer to keep every single data in your mind to discover everyday what exactly going on in your marketing. If you able to know then you can do something different in your  Social media marketing strategy.


I have given to you already 8 powerful social media marketing tools that will definitely help you to Start  your online business.

Personally believing that you will obviously get following achievements

  • You will gain huge social media followers
  • able to engage with social media users for better experience
  • Can able to drive more traffic to your blog which will give you more leads and sales
  • It will save your time and make you happy to see your business in the extra level

My goal is very clear to establish a great social media connection with you as well as, I love to share my ideas and views which will really help my audiences.

I love to share and I love reaching people by providing something very special.

Don’t use everything which is absolutely automated, remember software is not human, they can’t control your instant mistakes, they only guide you like a machine.

So try to use the tools very carefully.

Also there is so many social media marketing tools you can find in the web, try to find them for more specific solutions.

Don’t take everything will be easy as you want, but you can work smoothly and will save your valuable time from now 🙂

If I forgot anything to share with you in the article, please share with me in the comment box below.

My Name is Avenue Sangma, SEO and Social Media Strategist From Bangladesh. Founder and Owner of this blog www.bloggingegg.com. I am an Internet Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Blogger, Writer and known as solid Dreamer. I am totally passionate to dream and love to meeting great people around the world.

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