Lucky 7 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Blog and Boost your Blog Performance


We all know the name WordPress. This is one of the biggest website/blog making platforms in the world. If you are looking for making a fully formed blog/website then WordPress can be the best option. There are some obstacles and disturbances are also lagging the work of a WordPress user. The main obstacle of WordPress is, it turns slow sometimes which is really disturbing. If you are working for a major web developing project and facing this slowness of WordPress, then it can affect your work very badly.

7 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Blog and Boost your Blog Performance

There are many reasons, for which, WordPress slows down very often. Now let’s discuss how to speed up WordPress. There are some steps to follow to speeding up your WordPress. They are:

  • Using a good server host.

  • Compress the image for your page.

  • Do not use excessive plugins but rather use a caching

  • Use of CDN (Content delivery network).

  • Keep your database clean.

  • Proper usage of CSS and Javascript.

  • Proper usage of PHP and HTML.

  • Try to use WordPress Plugins not more than 20 (Plugins)


Speed Up WordPress Blog

Using good WebHost:

Your host plays a major role for your website. A good web hosting company can increase the speed of your web. There are many well-known web hosting companies are providing flawless service packages. Media temple, SiteGround, Blue host,  WP Engine and many other hosting companies are offering various packages for hosting. As we were talking about the WordPress, so, WP Engine is the perfect for speeding up WordPress. So using a good host is important to speed up WordPress.

Recommended WebHost:

Bluehost WebHosting

BlueHOST Webhosting Recommended


Image Compression:

Always try to use the compressed image. Because large images can lag WordPress’s speed. You can also use a plugin for auto image compression. WP is one of the very good plugins which compress all the images automatically.

Stop using unnecessary of excessive plugins:

Stop using unnecessary plugins for your WordPress project. Though, plugins are very useful for WordPress site development. Therefore, use only caching plugin like w3 total cache and others, which actually improves the speed of WordPress.

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Content Delivery Network, shortly known as the CDN is being used in many bigger websites. Content Delivery Networks takes the full control over static files of your websites (CSS, Javascript and Image) and allows all the user or visitors to download any static content from the website. CDN basically improves the page loading speed.

Neat and Clean Database:

As we all know that, WordPress has its own autosave option. Whatever you post, edit or upload will be saved in the database. Saving tons of data can slow your WordPress down. So, you need to clean up all the trashes saved in the database. In that case, you can use a very useful plugin called WP-Optimize. WP-Optimize can clean up all the trashes from the database.

Usage of CSS and Javascript:

CSS and Javascript, both plays very major role in the term of creating a website. It’s all about coding. Improper usage and placement of CSS and Javascript can also be a giant reason for the down speed of your WordPress. Also, try to use CSS Sprite. CSS Sprite is one large image file which has every individual images side by side. Sprites are important role playing content to speed your WordPress up. Because, it’s really fast to load the whole sprites image rather than loading an individual image. The whole process can speed up WordPress effectively.

Usage of PHP and HTML:

Just like the matter of CSS and Javascript, you have to use PHP and HTML properly. Though it’s an advance process but it’s going to speed up your WordPress loading time. It’s actually a very important work to speed up WordPress. Just replace the PHP with static HTML area when it’s necessary.

These are some major ways to speed up WordPress. Some of them are very easy to get done and some are a little bit advanced process. But these tips and tricks are going to work for sure. Speeding up the WordPress can also speed your works up as well. So, it’s necessary to solve the slowness of the WordPress.

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