Top 15 Blogs that accept Guest Posts for Blog Marketing


Blogging has become very popular nowadays. The person who writes a blog is called blogger. There are many types of blog sites that offer all the bloggers across the world. Those blogs are categorized in various topics like art, photography, business, freelancing, finance, health and fitness, travel, science, media and entertainment, sports, fashion, marketing and many more. Some of these blogs accept guest to post. This means, if you are interested in writing something on those blogs then you can definitely do that. You may write any subject based article for them. Some of those blogs are even paying for your valuable writings. Now let’s discuss some blogs that accept guest posts:

Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Top 15 Blogs that accept Guest Posts for Blog Marketing


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Let’s start with a freelancing related blog. This is one of those blogs that accept guest posts. If you are a quality writer then you can write articles for them. Before submitting an article, you might have to send a pitch and a proposed title to their email which has been provided to their site.

TravelTamed is one of the renowned travel which accepts articles from guests. They have some rules and regulation for their guest bloggers. If you are a traveler and love to travel around and want to share your travel experiences, then this blog is just for you. Just their guidelines and write a perfect article for them.

If you are in love with gaming, want to know hottest nd latest news of games then this is the right place for you. Even if you love developing games then you can write something about it. Touch Arcade gives you the chance to write as their blogger.

CoachCalorie is one of the top health and fitness related blogs that accept guest posts. Here you can write about your own health related articles in the basis of fat loss, workout, fitness and many more. As a guest, you have to maintain some rules to post an article there. You also be able to get many health tips from there.

This is the page of media and entertainment. You will get to know a lot of news about movies, TV series, celebrities and many more. You also can write for them. Just go to their website and visit the “write for us” page. You will find out the rest. or YouMoz is a well-known marketing blog. It allows you to write for their blog. But keep that in mind, your pot should be on good quality. YouMoz was formerly known as SEOmoz. It’s only an online marketing blog.

It’s also one of the renowned travel blogs that accept guest posts. You can share your travel experiences and information with them. In that circumstances, your post must contain informative matters.

In FamousBloggers, you will be able to post any article in the basis of any reasonable topic. At first, you have to be a registered member of their site before posting an article.

In BookRiot, you are allowed to give your valuable guest post. You just need to become a member and must follow the post contribution rules.

In TechTricksWorld, you will find a lot of computer and software based tips and tricks. If you have a good idea about computer and technology, you can share your valuable thoughts with them. Your post will be considered as the guest post and will be well appreciated.

JustJared is one of the top fashion blogs. They allow the guest post. You will get to know about latest news from the fashion world and you will also be able to post an article as a guest.

Biology101 is a science based blog where you can post as a guest.

This is a complete blog for all the photographers all over the world. If you are a pro or beginner photographer, you can share you post here as a guest.

This is a business based blog. Here you can share your business ideas and tactics through a post.

There are more blogs that accept guest posts. You can find those blogs by searching in google. Just utilize your spare time in writing blog. This habit will unleash your inner intellectual soul. Blogging Tips and Tricks helps to increase knowledge.

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