Best 11 Top Paying Affiliate Programs Selected for 2016


Affiliate marketing is the fastest way of making money. There are tons of affiliate networks and really hard to choose the best one. There are some popular affiliate programs available which can boost your earnings. These popular affiliate networks are used by many affiliate marketers around the world. Through the affiliate marketing, one can earn thousands of dollars. Now let’s talk about some top paying affiliate programs:

11 Top Paying Affiliate Programs Selected for 2016

We are Introducing BEST 11 Top Paying Affiliate Programs in 2015 as per our own research. We believe that 2016 also will lead the same companies for Paying BEST as Affiliate Programs. Find the list below:

Top Paying Affiliate Programs

    • Amazon affiliates program

    • eBay Affiliates Network

    • Max Bounty

    • ShareASale

  • vCommision

  • iTunes Affiliates

  • Click Bank

  • Microsoft Affiliates

  • Aff Daddy

  • Workout Warehouse


  • Shopify

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Amazon Affiliates ProgramHere is the chance for you to earn money with one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. As an affiliate marketer, you have to sell the product that Amazon is selling or trying to sell. After each successful sale, Amazon will give you a small amount of commission. You need to have a high traffic website. When the visitors will click on the link, you will get a small amount of commission by Amazon. Amazon’s affiliates program is known as one of the top paying affiliate programs.

eBay affiliates network: Marketing with eBay is really highly advantageous. There are two benefits for the marketers. The sales commission of eBay is higher than others and the second benefit is their referral program. You refer a friend or a buyer, your commission will be double. eBay can be the best choice for you if you are looking for a perfect affiliate marketing program.

Max Bounty: Max Bounty is one of the top CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing network. They are actually worlds best affiliate network. They offer exclusive affiliate marketing program. But their customer support is not so great. They will give you extra priority if you ever became their most valued affiliate marketer. That doesn’t mean, they will not be in touch with their other marketers. They will, but only when you need them. Max Bounty is one of the best and top paying affiliate programs.

vCommission: Well, vCommision is an India based affiliate marketing network. One of the good sides of vCommission is, they wide spread but take a very cheap operating cost. They are also very easy to run.

iTunes affiliates No need to give any introduction. Almost everyone from the modern world knows this name. As it is a part of Apple Inc., they are getting huge support from Apple to run their affiliate program. iTunes affiliate program is one of the top paying affiliate programs.

Click Bank: Click Bank has more than 100 retailers with more than two hundred million customers worldwide. They are the oldest CPA affiliate marketing network. They have huge collections of the product. They basically sell digital products.

Microsoft Affiliates: We all know what Microsoft actually is right? Yes, they also offer an affiliate program. Their tech related affiliate marketing program can bring you a handful of cash.

Aff Daddy: Aff Daddy promotes online gaming brand. Especially Casino games. Their affiliate program is a very advantageous to their marketers. They also keep a good relationship with their marketers.

Workout Warehouse: Workout Warehouse offers special commissions to their customer. This is one of the biggest fitness equipment manufacturers. is the largest bodybuilding and sports nutrition store in the world. They have the most lucrative affiliate marketing program. They sell various types of supplements and other workout equipment.

Shopify: Shopify is one of the popular and largest eCommerce stores in the world. Like Amazon and others, Shopify also offers very attractive sales commission to their valued marketers.

We have gone through various legitimate, well-known and reliable affiliate marketing programs. There are many other top paying affiliate programs available. Just make sure that you have to choose the right affiliate program that pays real money and have legitimate proof of their whole marketing program.

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  1. Nice list!

    You can consider adding ShareASale in the list. I’ve been using it for a while. It’s very user-friendly and conversion of the ShareASale affiliate programs is good.

    However, I wasn’t aware that Microsoft has an affiliate program. Thanks for letting me know. Keep up the good work.

    One suggestion for your blog. Don’t use captcha on the comment box. It discourages people to comment your blog. I know you are frustrated on spamming. But commenting on your blog should be easier.

    • Thanks Brother for your kind information, it’s really true captcha on the comment box. It discourages people to comment in my blog. Some of the bloggers already provided few suggestions regarding this. Also, you will happy to know that, I already added ShareASale in the list. And I decided to remove captcha on the comment box in my new design, Hope you will see soon in action.

      Thank You.

  2. Hi Avenue Sangma! Its a nice Nice one! A perfect beginner affiliate programs after setup blog. But I am confuse which is better for low traffic sites & gives great price? I want start journey with a processional affiliate marketer and need your suggestions…

  3. Hello Sangma bro,
    Finally got another mind blowing blogger of my country. I am really glad to see such informative blog from a fellow brother.

    BTW Thanks for listing such good affiliate programs for us. MaxBounty and Amazon affiliate are great to me. However, I was totally unfamiliar with some other affiliate programs that you mention above such as Aff Daddy, vCommission, Workout Warehouse and Bodybuilding. I would love to give a try to those networks in the future.

    Moreover, I think Commission Junction and Peerfly are worthy of getting listed above.

    Thanks again Sangma,
    Have a nice day!


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