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Today I’m covering something very special and the story I’m going to share with you is really amazing how a Blogger changed his life……

How a Blogger is earning more than $10,000+ [from last July 2015] Continuously from his Blog.

Now I’m going to tell you something what will inspire you to start your blogging career. Who can really help you to find something else with blogging. He is no One …. One and Only Life Changing Blogger from India “Kulwant Nagi“.

Kulwant Nagi

Tech enthusiast, world explorer, affiliate marketer, big thinker and a professional blogger- Kulwant Nagi”

He is Kulwant Nagi From Fatehabad, Haryana, India, Owner and Founder of Most Popular Blog He is an Internet Entrepreneur, blogger, writer, day dreamer and a visionary human being. His blog was started to solve the problems which we as bloggers are facing these days. This is the era of internet and in this era, I think it’s not that much difficult to make money online if you know the right approach to learning.

Kulwant Early Life

Learn his early life………… find hot cake things and find some spicy right now!

He was from a small town called Fatehabad in Haryana, India. He did his study till 10th grade in his city.

In his childhood, He was fond of white pigeons, dogs, parrots and ducks because his father was having around 100 pigeons, 3 dogs, 6 parrots and 2 ducks. He spent his early days playing with them. From the childhood, his thinking was beyond the stars and He wanted to do something extra, something very big in my life.

At the age of 16, He left his home for further study and that was the turning point of his life. That was the big turn in his life as He learned how to manage himself, how to meet new people around the world, how to make friends and how to connect people with social media and many other things.

Kulwant College Life

After completing Diploma in Electronics and Communication from a very reputed college in Haryana, in the year 2006, He got admission in Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon for Bachelor’s Degree.

It was true that…..Internet was always a subject of his choice. During the college life He found some more interest and started spending too much time with his laptop (His laptop was the most loved thing that time). The very first thing that attracted him when he entered in the internet world was blogging. But his life at that time was so much busy that He never got time to start it. He enjoyed all the college bunks, late night parties, visiting to hill stations, lots of movies and too much fun.

One Day Dreams Shattered

During His college time, He started preparing for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) as He wanted to go to the USA for higher study. After preparing for this exam for more than 18 months, He cleared this exam with the big score and applied to 6 reputed universities in the USA.

To his surprise then he got admission in all universities and now the confusion was; how to go and where to go was very important.

One college offered him $11,000 scholarship, so obviously this was his choice and it was Rochester Institute of Technology, NewYork, USA. He was too much excited to start his new life.

He booked his ticket for USA (which was on 13th August 2010).

So excitement was on its par.

But soon He came to know that they don’t have enough money to afford this education. They really tried many banks, asked from many relatives, many friends but no one was there to help them. In short – It was true that…. his family and other were completely helpless.

So His story ended here and all dreams were ruined.

Getting tension at home was at its peak, so after happening all those things….

He decided to leave home (just to stay away from this environment) and came back to Gurgaon.

Those days were killing time for him and He didn’t know where he will go and what will happen to him exactly.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

After happening all those things in his life…….. Then He started looking for a job as well as few opportunities which could help him to make money.

Shortly after this discovery, an unknown person contacted him about an “opportunity” that he was so excited about, it was a network marketing company (MLM) selling a video technology product, and as he explained to me, they had the opportunity to sell this product for a commission, and build a team to make residual passive income.

He was sold on it immediately. The thought of becoming an entrepreneur and making passive income was so exciting to me, it was an instant YES. Then He started searching day and night about the MLM and network marketing on the internet and collected a lot of good stuff and get in touch with the very good people of this industry and started reading about their secret.

Kulwant Lifestyle Photos

Kulwant was Started To Make It Work

Then He decided to launch his own blog for the network marketing and internet marketing because as a techie guy that was not a difficult task for me. But the issue was what should be the name of my blog and I just kept searching for some days for a good name. And soon started one blog concentrated on network marketing with my own name (I booked it on July 2011).

After learning few things, He started his blog in September 2011 (

When He entered in blogging the world He was so much fascinated that soon He decided to run a blog to share blogging tips. Because He observed that many people are starting new blogs and it would be really very nice to teach them how to blog. After that, He started learning the things and implementing then on his blog.

Life Changing Blog []

Blogging Cage

Google AdSense Disabled Changed My Life

This was the title of an email he got on 11th April 2013.

According to Google Adsense, there was an invalid click activity on his blog, which is against the Policy of Google AdSense.

He was completely shocked to see this mail because the reason of this ban was someone clicking on my ads.

Someone clicked on his AdSense ads, and Google disabled my account.

More Details about the Story Please “Click Here


Kulwant Loves Travelling

When kulwant is a Traveller

Few Images from His Blog

With Peng Joon

Kulwant with Peng Joon

With Clinton Swaine

Kulwant with Clinton Swaine

 With Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe

Kulwant with Dr. Rohan

With Ankur Agarwal (His Mentor)

Kulwant with His Mentor

Where Kulwant Nagi is standing today?

Now Blogging Cage is a well-known blog in the blogging world and He is putting more efforts to make it the world-class blog. This blog has given him a lot of online exposure and many people in the blogosphere know him just because of Blogging Cage.

He is continuously making on Average $5000-8000/Month with his blogs and putting his best to touch himself into the next level. Last Year 2015 made $10,000 in the month of July  and August continuously.

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  3. Hey Avenue Sangma,
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