Using Pinterest for Business Marketing Find The Ultimate Strategic Way


Well, are you planning to promote your business?

Promoting business through social media has become a trend nowadays.

Not only a trend, but also a great opportunity to grow your small or any bigger kind of business. There are few world-class social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where you can share your business thoughts, business plan or any unique business or product marketing ideas. You can get as many audiences or customer as possible through the social media business promotion. Today, I am going to have a detailed discussion on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is also one of the well-known social media and photo sharing site which can also be used as the good source of business marketing. Using Pinterest for business marketing is not a bad but a great idea for anyone who is starting up or trying to start a new online business.

However, Pinterest is not an ideal option for every business marketing. If your business is product based or some kind of e-commerce based, then social media marketing can the best way to catch some valued customers for yourself. On the other hand, you can share your business thought or a plan through Pinterest if you want to. This is how you are going to get many customers attention.

Social Media for Business Marketing is a Great way to Market your Business!!! So Try it NOW!!!

Using Pinterest for Business Marketing

To be honest using Pinterest for business marketing is not really easy way to do this, but if you try you can do it must!

So Kee using Pinterest for business marketing and try to learn everyday a little bit about it.

Using Pinterest for Business Marketing Find The Ultimate Strategic Way

I am going to share some tips and ideas on Pinterest for business marketing and promoting. This is going to to help you if you are thinking of using Pinterest for business marketing. So let’s start with the plan.

Here we go!

Create a Pinterest Account:

As we all know that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Networking Sites. So it will be a good idea if you choose Pinterest for business marketing. At first, you need to create a Pinterest account. You have already targeted Pinterest for the purpose of business, so you can create a business account on Pinterest. If you have any existing Pinterest account then NO PROBLEM! Just go to the “Pinterest for business” and then select “Join as a business”. It’s almost complete now. Now you have to manage your business profile. Write something about yourself and your business. You can convert your current existing Pinterest ID into a business account too! Yes, Pinterest has this option as well. In that case, all you need to do is, login to your existing account and then go to the option named “Pinterest for business” and then choose “Convert”. That’s it! Your existing account will be converted into a business account. That easy isn’t it? Now you can share your thoughts with your followers, you can share pins and images right away with ease. Just keep that in mind, you have to complete your profile making works and keep your Pinterest account optimized before starting the whole business mission. To complete the whole profile, you need to upload your own photo or the logo of your business company, choose a good username and keep it short but not too long, describe yourself properly in the Bio section, write a small but detailed information of your business that can attract people, you can add your company website if you have any, share your contact numbers, email, and address.

Busines Account Open for Pinterest

Add Your Business Website:

If you are starting a business, you should have a website or a blog for it. Because a website or a blog can promote your business not only around your area but around the whole world. So, having a website is necessary. If you have a website then it’s absolutely cool for your business. Now, you have to add your website URL on your Pinterest. There is a website verification process in Pinterest which you have to follow. To verify your website on Pinterest, go to your profile edit option and you will get the box to add your website address. Fill it up and then click “Verify”. Once your website verification process in completed, you will receive an assurance email of verification. Now your website is successfully published on your Pinterest and all your followers can go to it.

Get Connected with Another Social Network:

Using Pinterest for business marketing is undoubtedly a great idea but you can boost your customer’s interaction through another social network site as well. Yes, get your Pinterest connected with Facebook and Twitter. You can share your Facebook and Twitter account link on your Pinterest profile. You can share those links using pinned image. Just add those links on your own picture or on the picture you are using for as you company logo. You can share your Pinterest account on your Facebook and Twitter as a post. Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter and invite them to your Pinterest. Remember, more customers and audiences you will get, your business will get grow and will keep growing.

Use High-Quality and Rich Pin:

On Pinterest, pin means an image which links or redirects to an external link of another page. It can be a link to your website or blog. You can use pin images for your post, article or product detail. You can pin a video, articles and blog posts on Pinterest. You can tag other Pinterest users on your pin by using “@username”, which is similar to the Facebook user tag system. Before pinning an image on Pinterest, do not forget to add a good description to it. Always pin those content which attracts more visitors and customers. Use highly optimized content for pinning process and be a smart pin maker. Pinterest has something in common with Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest has “Like and comment” option like Facebook has and it also has re-pin option which is almost same Twitter’s retweet option. If you really can use high-quality pins for your Business Profile it may increase your website traffic strongly.

Optimizing Your Pins

Making click-worthy Pins

Create Boards for Best Pinterest Marketing:

Boards on Pinterest plays a very major role to get as many visitors and customers as possible. So, before setting up you Pinterest board, set a board name which is optimized and SEO friendly, give a detailed and informative description of the board, use a good and catchy board image, use those high-traffic content on your board. The board is a very powerful piece of the magnet which can attract more customers to your business. Before naming your board, keep your eyes on the keyword you are using. Keyword must be SEO friendly, I repeat. In the description, do not write any irrelevant thing. Just give what you should give. Do not stretch too long, be short but descriptive.

Follow Others and Their Boards Too:

Before starting your own business account on Pinterest, you can do some research on other Pinterest business accounts. Follow their Pinned posts, boards and everything they share. You will get some ideas from them. Give likes nd comments to others pins, re-pin those post, share them. This is how you will make a network and be familiar to other Pinterest users.

Can follow boards and people

So, what do you think?

How is my idea of using Pinterest for business marketing?

I hope these tips are definitely going to help you in the long run. Just follow them and make yourself as the successful Pinterest business promoter. These are some basic ideas for Pinterest marketing. You may have some other ideas too. Just add your ideas with mine and together the whole business promotion can be great for sure.

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