What is Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a Short name of “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s a process of getting free, organic or natural traffic for blog/website on Search Engines. When we are searching on Google search engine and getting a relevant result based on our written, results we are getting on google first page those who have good SEO of their sites.

And more commonly a site becomes visible in the search results record, the new visitors it will accept from the search engine’s users. SEO might target special kinds of search, including local search, image search, video search, academic/educational search, news search and industry-specific “vertical search” engines.

As per Modern Internet Marketing Strategy works, SEO considers how search engines really work today. As we are always typing different kinds of keywords to get our specific results from search engines. Keyword terms are the main key of search engine and keyword typed into different search engines and search engines are favored their related audience. Promoting a website is including with increasing number of backlinks/ inbound links, using specific keywords inside the content, keyword density, social share, is one of the SEO tactic.

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Search Engine Optimization Basics

SEO basic is fundamental and also essential. SEO Help you to get your website popularity around the world. SEO help you for search engine traffic for your website. SEO helps both customers and owners, Website owner need visitors and customers need to take service. In a word” SEO will help you to cheat with search engines like google, bing, and yahoo.

I believe myself SEO basic is to Create an enormous, faultless user familiarity. Better communication with search engines to find your desire visitors/customers.


You should constantly keep SEO in the front position of your intelligence, and always go behind for best practices. Bouncing the basics of SEO will only reason leave your web sites foundation a disorder and stop you beginning fully maximizing income opportunities.

If you have more ideas about SEO/Search Engine Optimization, Please share with me your experience and difficulties you faced when you worked with. Let’s discuss together to get overcome those difficulties.

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