How to Start a Blog Beginner’s Best Guidelines for 2016


Wow, You want to start a blog? Awesome to know from you! Trust me, This is a Great Idea.

Before writing this article, more than 250+ facebook friends asked me How to start a Blog? Yes, friends this article is completely dedicating for you who asked me How to start a Blog.

I found in google keyword planner more than 95,000 people are searching for this Keyword “How to Start a Blog” Worldwide.


But do you know really how to get started with a blog? If not yet, I promise there are so many information you will get from the web in different search engines like google, yahoo, and bing. Everybody telling you always to do different things. You really don’t know where is your starting point to get started with a blog.

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Listen, My dear friends! You should forget all those info! It’s really too confusing!!!

If you are getting confused, don’t worry I will let you know details about blogging how to start a blog. I will let you know How to make it more professional to your readers.

how to start a blog

In 2013 when I started blogging with ( I was so confused! I knew very little, not enough to start my blogging career. But honestly speaking today as I started with I learned too many things. Which I am going to share you today.

Now I know How to start a blog, I know how to send traffic in a blog using a wonderful blog title. Now I am receiving more than 2,00,000 unique visitor every month to my Which really makes me consider to do something for my readers like you who are  more interested in starting a blog.

I am not blogging Guru Like Other Professional Bloggers, But I know a little bit and best blogging basics how to start a blog.

I am promising to you guys! It’s very simple to start a blog. Not so Complicated and easy to understand everything as we are drinking water. Let’s move on Now……….

Learn Details How to start a blog

Why should You join in blogging Community and to Start your blogging journey from today?

Below, I am going to special outline why should you join in the blogging community to start your own or personal blog. Before starting my outline, we should know why blogging community and how we can move away.

Special Note: If you have any idea, please forget all those things right now and go ahead as per Guideline I am providing to you.

  1. Blogging has a great power to get more popularity and making networking and getting a good number of people around the world.
  2. There are millions online blogs you will find, but don’t worry about that, you can stand with your own blog if you follow guidelines.
  3. It’s awesome and great ways to share different thoughts and ideas with others.
  4. You can learn so many things from online and became a great writer.
  5. BEST Reason! Why will you start blogging? You can Make Money Online when you start blogging.
  6. You became a great authority person in the blogging industry.
  7. You will able to make wonderful communication with your friends and customers
  8. You can make money unlimited.
  9. You have freedom in life.
  10. You will be Boss own your kingdom.


More than hundred’s of benefits you will find when you became a professional blogger.

Oh! you are thinking right now, I know better than you buddy! No, as I mentioned one by one you can remember it easily from today and never forget it in future.

“Before creating your own blog buddy! please grab yourself juice or a coffee. If you need any help while starting your own/personal blog please do not hesitate to contact me here”

5 Steps Blogging Guide for Beginners How to start a Blog

There are five steps you need to follow as beginners to start your blogging career. If you follow this guideline, you need less than an hour to complete a personal or own blog to get started. Hope you will able to understand My language as I already mentioned less than an hour we will able to make a blog.

  • Find a wonderful niche.
  • Decide your own Domain Name.
  • Choose a better Web Hosting Plan and Get Install your Software ( I recommend for blog
  • Design your blog with a custom theme. Make it easy, simple, fresh and clean and clear.
  • Find related useful resources.


#Find a Wonderful Niche

I am getting so many phone calls in a day, people are a too much confused selecting niche to start blogging.

Are you getting confused? If so, Please wait few minutes, you will get the result.

Are you mad banging your head against walls? crazy man!!! People are really so confused to get the right niche for their blog.

To find right mentors for your blog, please ask yourself again and again. Find better ideas, better thoughts. And if you are still confused? Ask some questions yourself right NOW:

Find your Nich here

  1. Which Topic will be better to start my blogging career?
  2. Do I have enough time to write about my topic? I love the topic or not?
  3. Do I have enough knowledge about my topic to write for my blog?
  4. What is my goal with this blog?
  5. What is my passion to start this blog?
  6. Where do I want to set my blog in next 5 years?
  7. Will I get enough audience about my topic?
  8. Can I write 6 Month without getting any income?
  9. Am I really confident or not to start blogging?
  10. I am real to learn so many things or not?
  11. How to Start a Blog to Learn more about make money online???*****


If you complete giving answers all question, I think you are Now ready to Go……

#Decide your own Domain Name

Hope you all know, a domain name means a name of your website.,,,  or any website are called domain name.

So Once you ready to go with blogging, then it’s time to select a beautiful Domain Name first.

Companies look like, looking expensive and high powerful domain name.

Few things you should know before buying a Domain Name:

  • Try to get a short name for your domain, You may ask me why? A short domain is easy to remember, easy to share with people, easy to tell your friends. And easy to him for remember your domain name.
  • Never Try to buy any digit domain names like, This kind of domain name totally confusing others to remember, either they are getting forget or they are typing numbers.
  • Always prefer for .com domain name. Dot Com Domains are best to get an international identity for your blog.
  • Find a Suitable Domain Name which is related to your Industry.


#Choose a better Web Hosting Plan and Get Install your Software

When You have selected your name. Now the question is where you will keep your online data? For keeping your online data you need space, right?

If Yes? Where will you find BEST Web Hosting Plan? A Web Hosting is an online data store where you can keep your all data.

So In a line we can complete, Domain name is your website and where you will keep your data, that is called web server (simply web hosting).

Bluehost WebHosting

BlueHOST Webhosting Recommended

Space for Hosting Plan

Few Things Keep in your mind before buying your hosting plan:

  • Space: You web hosting company always offer to you for unlimited space.
  • Unlimited Domain Names: Go with unlimited domain names plan no Problem, but if you have a big plan like, your get huge traffic for your blog, Stopped going with this plan. You can go but do not put too many domains to your web server.


    • Support Need must 24/7. At first you should check their support system, They can serve you or not 24/7. Remember  if you face any server problem to get solved immediately you need 24/7.


  • Bandwidth: Basically your bandwidth will decide you monthly traffic, How many traffic you can drive in a month. Normally as per my observation you can drive 1,00,000 traffic in a month if your hosting company can provide 250 GB bandwidth with your hosting plan.


  • Various Companies Provides different Cpanel to maintain your hosting plan and data. It’s not so complicated to maintain. So no need to worry about it at all.


#CMS or Content Management System Software

CMS or content management system is a software which will help you to add you content smartly.

I am using smartly WordPress for my all blog. WordPess having more than 70 millions of website worldwide. People are loving to use WordPress because their content management system is easy, smooth and you can learn quickly.

If you worked with Microsoft word, you can easily use WordPress facing any difficulties.

Benefits of Using WordPress CMS

  • WordPress is made for bloggers for blogging.
  • More than 75% bloggers using WordPress for their blog.
  • This is an open source platform, Here whatever you want can do it within a minute.
  • CMS is easy to understand.
  • It will take few minutes to Install from your Cpanel.
  • You can change your design and install new design just a click.
  • You will able to install custom plugins for your website. Smart to find.
  • If you face any problem, you will get support from thousand users.
  • If you get still confused check WordPress community right now.


#Make Social Profile for Your Blog

As you know all companies are creating the social page or profile for their companies around the world.

They are launching their true all activities in social media’s. Where you can do it easily.

Recommending Some social Profile you can use Right Now.

Google Plus.





#Find a Perfect Theme For Your Blog

WordPress Has millions of theme, free and paid, I suggest paid theme, because, free theme are not so much customized design what you want. If you choose a theme from MyThemeShop for finding an awesome and unique theme for your blog.

MyThemeShop Sample for Blog

On MyThemeShop, you will get too many categories ( blog, technology, entertainment, sports, news etc) for selecting your theme.

#Few Things Keep in your mind before buying your Blog Theme

  • Make sure you’re buying the theme which is  able to use for an unlimited site with the license key.
  • Theme Must be Easy to Use.
  • The theme should be able to use with WordPress new version.
  • Theme Must be Responsive Design (Responsive means also able to read for mobile users).
  • Select Simple and Clean and Care theme as much as possible.

Still you have similar questions how to start a blog? or You still don’t know How to start a blog? Make sense if Not please Read the article carefully again.

#Now Became an Awesome Writer

  • Remember 1st things for your blog, You are the key person to get started with your blog.
  • Find Smart Writing Ideas.
  • Dream and Keep search everywhere about your ideas and selected niche.
  • You have good writing ideas I know that you have it. But Please do not hesitate and start finding here about writing ideas with me from today.
  • Do not become a lazy dog, Don’t try to sleep when you will write anything. It’s better not to Became a Blogger.
  • Smart, Think, Better, Find the Best things always.


I hope those who will read this article from today they will never search in google ” How to start a blog” or If you are still confused how to start a blog, I want to advise you that, Please again read the article carefully.

Tell your friends to get started with a blog, and share with your friend if you are getting awesome ideas from this article.

You will be a great blogger in a Day, Just to Go………… Now.

My Name is Avenue Sangma, SEO and Social Media Strategist From Bangladesh. Founder and Owner of this blog I am an Internet Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Blogger, Writer and known as solid Dreamer. I am totally passionate to dream and love to meeting great people around the world.

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