SEO Guide

SEO Guide

Let’s Talk About SEO? What is SEO?

SEO is a Short name of “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s a process of getting free, organic or natural traffic for blog/website on Search Engines. When we are searching on Google search engine and getting a relevant result based on our written, results we are getting on google first page those who have good SEO of their sites.

Search Results


SEO is not only for getting good results on search engines. It also for doing your website better for your readers. Blogging Egg Truly believes that SEO is a natural system to do rank of your site by using best SEO techniques.

These “Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (SEO Guide) ” Will help to do better SEO for your new website. More will assist you to get natural traffic from search engines and it will also help your website friendly to google search engine and different search engines like yahoo, bing etc. To make your site unique from others and getting traffic to your website, You are not alone, we are always with you to help you in every step when you start doing SEO.

Before Starting Our Class:  Please Download SEO Guide PDF by Google

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (SEO Guide)

Can I become a SEO Optimizer?

If you ask me this question, At first I would like to tell you something, World SEO for ranking keywords or site is totally complex. But it is true that most of the people are getting basic ideas from different web portal as I am providing too. SEO is simply different, Sometimes a small amount of information able to make a big difference. Free SEO Guideline is widely available everywhere, when you search in google you will get many more results about SEO guide. Combine all of your learning about SEO and do more practice and do practical, try to get an update from everywhere mostly do not close your ear and eyes. I hope if you can do more practice and do hard work, you will become an SEO guru in a day.

Becoming an SEO Guru/Master, not a big issue, if you do more changes in your life, do commitment, get ready yourself, your Eagerness to learn anything about SEO. You will try to find Some firms to Learn SEO, I definitely do not agree with you about this matter. Because Some Firms have the highly qualified specialist, some firms are teaching with the basic approach. If any firms provide core concepts about SEO then go with them.

#Learn About Keyword Research

Early stage SEO Optimization We need Keyword Research for our website. Now let’s talk about Keyword Research, How does it works? Keyword Research is one of the most valuable things that we need to think about. This is a Method that helps us to find our niche and products all about. On Internet or Search engines we are typing different keywords, how you can select good keywords for your blog? This Keyword Research Practice will let you know which keywords you have a good chance to rank in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Search Engine Result Pages

Read More Deatils About: SEO Keyword Research. Once you complete Keyword research job, then you need to start with SEO On Page Optimization.

Types of SEO/Search Engine Optimization

  • On Page SEO- On Page Optimization refers to your site results, it only effect on your site and web page listing in natural search engine results. These SEO factor controlled by you. On Page SEO optimization including your coding, meta tag, meta keywords, Keyword placement and keyword density.
  • Off Page SEO- Off Page Optimization is basically refers to all things which you are not doing directly for your site. Off page Optimization helps you to get higher ranking of your site in the search results. Some people are thinking doing link building is called Off page SEO. It’s true but have many more to know about off page SEO.

Let’s Talk about On Page SEO Optimization Factors?

There are some important factors on-page optimization that affect search engine rankings. These include:

  • BLOG Post Title
  • Google Search Friendly Permalink URL’s – you need separate permalink for every post, try to avoid ugly permalink for your site: also for long description of permalink like: Google Loves getting 3-5 words permalink and it gives your post more weight. Also benefits of shorter permalink is your visitors can easily remember.

Blog Title and Permalink Creation

  • Start Your Title with a keyword Check the below Picture:

Start Title with a Keyword

  • Remember Content is King of your blog-Good content can take your blog so far. Use different Images, video and diagrams, I found diagrams and videos reducing site bounce rate. And it helps readers to stay long time in your site.
  • Use Properly Outbound Links: Using Outbound Links in your site is very easy, It’s called White HAT SEO practice.
  • Don’t forget to drop your keywords Starting your Post description: between 100-150 words of every blog post article.
  • Drop Your Post Title with H1 Tag: If not with H1 tag of your post headlines, talk to your developers , because sometimes theme does not include H1, H2, H3 tags.
  • Page Loading speed is most Important for SEO ranking factors. Check Your Page Loading Speed with these tool:
  • Try to add Modifiers in your Blog Post Title: Like”2015” “Best” “Awesome” “Guide” “Tips” “Ideas” “Suggestion” “secrets”  etc.
  • Keyword Density: I personally suggest 0.6%-1% keyword density is good enough for every post; My advice don’t use more than 1.5% Please. Use synonyms of your keyword as much as possible.
  • Internal Links: It is very important to reduce your website bounce rate, use 2-4 Internal Links for your new post.
  • H2 and H3 tag: I don’t really think so Important, but you should use keywords on H2 and H3 tag in you post. If you can’t use, don’t do that, at least use one subheading of your post.
  • Image Optimization: Image Optimization also can drive traffic to your website. Let’s know how to optimize your image with your related post: do not use “abcd-jugishlk-kdfsi.jpg” try to your with a keyword. on-page-seo.jpg

Now Time to Talk about Off Page SEO Optimization Factors

Once you finished doing on page SEO. They you should work for Off Page SEO optimization. Off Page SEO Optimization is more important to drive traffic to your website.

Learn About Off Page SEO Optimization factors:

  • Creation of Social networking Profile– Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.
  • Blogging, Writer article as Guest Posting in different website so that, you can promote your blog and yourself, it will help you to grow your network.
  • Forum Posting: Create forum profile those forums are related with your website, join discussion which topics are related with your blog.
  • Search Engine Submission: Submit your blog/website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc., to get listed for free.
  • Directory Submission: DMOZ submission, Yahoo Directory Submission, Zoominfo etc.
  • Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is another powerful act for promoting a new blog or website. Some social bookmarking sites are like slashdot, reddit, stumbleupon, delicious, newsle, diigo, folkd etc.
  • Cross-Linking: Crosslinking may refer to your interlinking with different post and pages. Crosslink is link to your internal pages within your website.
  • Blog Commenting using Anchor Text, submit content in web 2.0 websites ( Squidoo, hubpages), Photo Sharing, Video Optimization, Local Listing like yellow pages, Press-Release promotion, PPC Ads Campaign etc.

If you can use properly as per my SEO Guidelines, You will definitely see your blog traffic improvement within a month. I have done all techniques and method to my blog and I’m enjoying so much with my blog traffic.

So If you do the same things for your blog, you will be not looser.

Carefully implement the valuable things and you will find the result in a Day.